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Chapter 6: Celebration, Celebration, Celebration

It was the day after I had proposed to Mick and I got up early to make breakfast and get ready for a job interview, I finally had enough experience and I was going to apply for that journalism job. When Mick woke up I gave him a big kiss and set the table. It was his birthday today and I wanted to do something special.
“What you all dressed up for?” he asked.
“I have a job interview today, but I thought we could do something special before for your birthday” I said smiling.
He grinned “And what would this special present be exactly, 'cause I’d love to work up a sweat.” He said cheekily.
“A shopping trip. I thought you could do with some new threads, you dress like a blind man. So as soon as you’ve done stuffing your face get ready and well leave.” I replied whipping the cheeky grin of his face.
As soon as Mick was dressed I grabbed his arm and dragged him to the car and drove to the salon, the same one I went to for my work suite. I hadn’t realised how picky Mick was and he was turning down everything I suggested. After a while I told him to stay still and shut-up and that I’ll choose, his picky-ness was starting to get on my nerves.
I picked out new, swimwear, gym clothes, pyjamas, a suite for formal occasions, and some everyday clothes. Mick was pleased with my choice.
“Wow, I’d of never of thought this would look good on me. You have good taste” he said.
“Of course I have good taste I picked you didn’t I?” I said.
I paid for the clothes and Mick thanked me with a big sloppy wet kiss. I asked Mick if there was anything he wanted for his birthday and I’d treat him. He told me every since he was a teenager he had dreamed of learning how to mix drinks so he could work in bars and clubs.
As the mixology classes were in the same building as my interview I didn’t mind and drove him there. I gave him the money for his lesson and headed to the interview. I met the employer a woman called Caroline Custard. She was perky and upbeat and seemed very out of place at the offices, I told her about the job I was applying for was the journalist job and she checked on her laptop.
“I’m sorry, but that job is no longer available, but there’s one job left as a newspaper girl. If you impress me and work on your writing techniques, you’ll get a promotion easy, and I’m an easy person to impress.” She said.
I was very disappointed but accepted anyway at least I would be working in the company and could work my way up. As soon as the interview finished I called my boss at the bookstore and quit my job. When I got off the phone Caroline came up to me “I’m sorry about the job thing would you like a drink there’s a bar just out the back. I agreed as I still had to wait for Mick to finish his lesson. As I drank with Caroline I found out we had a lot in common and I thought we were well on our way to becoming friends. When Mick finished I said goodbye and we went home.
We thought it would be nice to go out for a birthday dinner and had heard of a little place underneath the bridge that was cheaper than the restaurant near the middle of the city and was closer to our home, so we decided to go there. It was nice and served some really delicious food. We chatted about our upcoming wedding and about my job interview.
After we finished our meals it was time for Mick’s official birthday. He was a little bit nervous turning older and I joked that he couldn’t be silly any more as his age made him an official adult.
I hugged him and he started to worry.
“What if now I’m older you won’t want me? And how are we going to pay for the wedding without me having a job?” He questioned.
“Don’t be silly I won’t leave you now, and as for the wedding we still have your savings from selling your old apartment and I have a new job. Everything will work out fine” I reassured him.
I was right within my first few days at my new job I got a promotion and a recieved an extra bonus it definitely helped to pay for the costs, and as I got on really well with Caroline we invited her to our wedding which was great as we needed a witness there and didn’t really know anyone else. Caroline was a great boss and friend by taking me out for a hen party, the night before the wedding,  we spent most of the night at a club dancing, she forced me to go dressed in a comical typical hen party outfit, a bridal veil and a skimpy costume.
After we spent the night partying we went back to hers as I didn’t want to go home. I was the old fashioned type and thought it would be bad luck to get ready at the house with Mick so he could see me in my wedding dress before the ceremony. So I convinced Caroline to let me stay and take me with her to the service. We stayed up late and I had a hot coffee to help ease of the alcohol before I went to bed and Caroline got the munchies and made herself some waffles but burnt them. We stayed up late joking and watching some TV, Mick was great but I need some woman talk every so often, and I just wasn’t comfortable talking to him about those monthly visits or other womanly stuff, there are some things a partner just doesn’t need to know about your body.
The next day we got ready for the wedding and I could hardly eat, I was so nervous I could just about nibble on a bit of toast, Caroline helped with my hair and tried to get me to eat before getting ready herself. As we were leaving her apartment I noticed a red letter on her counter I noticed it said something about bills, I asked her if anything was wrong she just shrugged it off and said she was behind on rent and repo men were going to come round. We left the apartment and went to the church, it was a small one just out of the city.
As we were climbing the steps I froze I couldn’t go any further and asked Caroline to tell Mick and the reverend I need a second to catch my breath before going in. I went to the little gazebo to clear my head and think. My stomach was turning knots and my head was beginning to spin, I took in a big breath and let out a giant sigh.
"Was I ready for married life? Did it mean I was going to become a mother? Was I ready for a family of my own? YES!" I said to myself. "I have a man in there waiting for me who loves me and I love him, anything will be possible as long as we are together."
I rushed into the church hoping I hadn’t made him wait too long.
I went inside and ran down the aisle to Mick and jumped towards him hugging him. We smiled at each other and the reverend led us through our vows and made us exchange the rings. As he pronounced us husband and wife I knew what I thought on the gazebo was just pre-wedding jitters. I couldn’t have been happier and Mick took my last name, which was good as I hated Situp as a last name.
When we finished I took Mick to the gazebo to talk, at first he was worried something was wrong, but I reassured him it wasn’t about us. I told him about the letter I saw at Caroline’s house and said we should offer her to move in. He agreed and said it was the nice thing to do, after all she was my boss, and if her personal life affected her work, it meant it would affect my work life as well. We called her over and offered her to move in and she accepted. She did what Mick had done and did an express sale to the city hall, which covered her debt but left her with very minimal profit. Me and Mick got changed and Caroline took our wedding clothes home, while we went to the beach.
As me and Mick couldn’t afford a holiday for our honeymoon we had to settle for a romantic stroll along the beach. While we walked Mick lifted me up and gave me a giant kiss.
“How do you feel being Mr. Mick Temple?” I asked.
“It’s great and how does it feel to be my wife?” he asked.
“I’ll have to get back to you on that” I replied pulling him into another kiss, all we could do was giggle and hold onto each other.

~End of Chapter~

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