Chapter 5: A River with a View

(Here are a couple fun facts: 1. This is the only neighbourhood made by EA in which I haven’t used in any of my legacies before, excluding Barnacle Bay of course because that place is crap, 2. Riverview was actually my first choice for my third legacy that was going to be based on a woman sent back from the future but instead I ended up doing Charice’s story based in Bridgeport, 3. If you think you recognise the décor from somewhere I stole it from the landgraabs house in Sunset Valley the house was so big and I didn’t really feel like spending loads of time working on it, and that’s the end of my fun facts, enjoy the story :-) )
As the day started to roll in and the sun began to rise, Thomas, Daisy, Rosie and Lee were sitting in a rental car on the way to their new home in Riverview. Their new home was going to be with their Aunt Lucy at her house, they had never met her before and she had only started to get in touch a few weeks before the disaster that had hit Bridgeport, so no one apart from Daisy knew what she would be like or what to expect of her. Daisy knew a lot about their Aunt Lucy because she was the wife of her favourite archaeologist before he died. As Thomas drove the car the family remained silent as no one said a word, Thomas sank back into his seat a little and let his mind take him back to that terrible night at Bridgeport.
Thomas had finished redecorating the bar into a nightclub and made the event of his opening much better known than last time and already had hundreds of people trying to get on the list for his opening night. Courtney and Abigail had agreed to perform for the night and just before Courtney went on stage she had whispered into Thomas’ ear she was expecting his child. The night was turning into something worth celebrating about but no one expected what would happen next. As they partied in Eugi’s no one was aware of the clumps of meteorites hurtling towards Bridgeport. The music, singing and talking in the club had drowned out the warning sirens and screams coming from outside and everyone was dancing as the building above the club came crashing down on top of them. The newspapers and magazines were calling it the worst natural disaster to happen in the last 100 years as many people had lost their lives, including Courtney and Thomas’ unborn baby. The house and most of their possession was destroyed. Thomas had had enough of Bridgeport all it had brought was bad news for his family they had lost so many people they loved and now they had nowhere to sleep, so when Aunt Lucy offered for them to move in with her, Thomas collected the families last few possessions and made the move.
Thomas was dragged back to reality as he pulled into the driveway of their new home, the house was huge. The silence in the car was broken as everyone took in the house. Their home in Bridgeport might have been big but this house was bigger and much classier and expensive looking. Thomas quickly checked the paper he had written the address on and thought he might have written the address wrong. Outside was a man in a classy suite that seemed to be waiting for someone.
They all climbed out the car and Thomas left Rosie, Daisy and Lee to stretch and relax their muscles after having to sit down for so long so he could speak to the man.
“You must be Master Thomas. Lady Lucy Darwin has been expecting you, my name is Alfred I am Lady Lucy’s butler, please go in and I shall collect your belongings.” The sim said in a profession posh tone.
Thomas was a bit unsure on what to do, so he grabbed Alfred’s hand and shook it.
“Nice to meet you” Thomas said.
Alfred just slightly smiled and walked away leaving Thomas wondering if he might have offended the man by being too informal.
Thomas beckoned to the others to come over and entered the house, he stood opened mouthed at the entrance hall, the stairs where gigantic and as he looked around he noticed not one but three chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, Rosie and the others also stood wide mouthed at the interior and at the figure standing at the top of the steps who made her way down using a cane.
Thomas looked back at his siblings and whispered, “I think this is Aunt Lucy so everyone show her some respect and try and act like you belong here”.
As the woman approached she looked at the commonly dressed people standing in front of her door.
“My name is Lady Lucy Darwin, widow of the late Charlie Darwin, get in a line so I can see you properly” The woman said sternly.
They quickly obliged and lined up, Thomas introduced himself and his siblings,
“My name’s Thomas and this is Daisy and Rosie, they are twins, and this is Lee, our half brother but we tend to know him more as a full brother than half” Thomas informed.
“Well if there is one thing I know about Riverview, it is that it is not Bridgeport. You might get away with dressing like that in the big city but in this little town the women tend to show off less skin and the boys dress a little bit smarter. I have been told that the meteorites have destroyed a lot of your belongings so I will take you to the salon and you will pick out new clothes there” Aunt Lucy stated, the everyone nodded their heads in agreement and Aunt Lucy had Alfred ready her car for a trip to the salon.
When they arrived they headed upstairs to the clothes section. Aunt Lucy lead the way to the seating area but someone had caught Thomas’s attention, Chad Simmons, he was a member of The Llamas football team before moving to Riverview and joining their football team The Alpacas. Thomas couldn’t believe he was this close to one of his football idols, and Thomas slightly regretted the day he declined the offer to join The Llamas to look after his family but knew he did the right thing by staying with his family when they needed him.
Thomas was in more shock when Aunt Lucy walked over and Chad stood up in excitement to speak with her.
“Mrs. Darwin, it’s nice to see you again, I hope you’re staying healthy” Thomas heard Chad exclaim loudly.
Thomas wondered who they knew each other, Aunt Lucy didn’t seem like the pep-rally type, and before Thomas knew what he was doing he barged in on their conversation.
“So how does Chad Simmons know my Aunt Lucy?” Thomas found himself asking.
“Her husband used to have major shares in the stadium and football team and when he died all the shares went to Mrs. Darwin and she is always making sure the team is ok and popping in now and then to talk to us” Chad explained, “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?”
“My name’s Thomas Temple, I was offered a place on The Llamas but turned it down, I got a better offer” Thomas said, he had no idea why he had said better offer but he wanted to seem cool in front of Chad.
“Well that’s cool, you seem to be doing ok for yourself. I have to go now Mrs. Darwin but it was nice seeing you, bye Thomas, make sure you head over to the stadium sometime, someone who turned down The Llamas for a better offer is more than welcome to have a game on our pitch” Chad said before leaving.
Thomas lit up, one of his football heroes invited him to play a game and Riverview Stadiums, today was a good day.
Aunt Lucy made Thomas and Lee sit while Daisy and Rosie had makeovers first. As they were now gentlemen they had to behave like ones and let the ladies go first.
After waiting a few hours the girls were finished selecting their new looks, and Thomas and Lee were up next. Thomas pondered what to get he didn’t really know what people in the countryside wore, he’d never watched any shows about it and was a little lost on what to buy, so decided to go for some simple stuff.
After the boys’ makeovers Aunt Lucy was less than pleased with what Lee had chosen.
“How could you pick anything like this out? I’m a respected woman in this town, this isn’t some rock and roller concert or whatever it’s called, this is a small town and a lot of people respect you for your appearance, so why wouldn’t you dress like a hooligan? Come on let’s get out of here before someone sees me with you dressed like that and that start talking.” Aunt Lucy lectured.
She hurriedly paid for the clothes and true to her word rushed them home before anyone saw Lee’s look. Rosie, Daisy and Lee where sent to their rooms Aunt Lucy had enrolled them in the local school and they had to get plenty of sleep for their first day, but instead of sleeping Rosie just took the opportunity to complain to her sister about Aunt Lucy.
“Did you hear how she spoke to Lee in that salon? I mean how rude can one person be? What a total Llama faced cow” Rosie vented her frustration upon Daisy who just stood there and listened, “Urgh! She’s got me all wound up now, I’m going bathroom before I go bed.”
Daisy didn’t say anything, Rosie had been this way since that night at Bridgeport, and Daisy assumed Rosie had a lot of unresolved anger built up inside her, Rosie hadn’t dealt with their parents’ death, at least Daisy hadn’t seen her deal with it and it seemed to all be pouring out of her twin now.
Rosie closed the door behind her and headed over to the sink, Alfred had put some hair necessities by the sink, a load of combs and a nice big pair of scissors. Rosie reached for the scissors with one hand and the tap with the other.
“I’ve become a pro at this, it’s all so natural” She thought to herself.
Meanwhile downstairs, Thomas and Aunt Lucy sat on the sofa in the living room.
“I noticed you seemed a little over excited when talking to Chad today, why was that?” Aunt Lucy asked.
“I looked up to him, he’s a supurb footballer and I really wished I had the chance to join the football team he used to be on, but mum died and my family needed me more then I needed to be a footballer” Thomas replied.
“Well then we shall have to put that right, I will see if there is any opening for the team or any jobs going at the stadium, I do own 60% of the company so should have some influence.” Aunt Lucy suggested.
“Thank you so much and I’m sorry about Lee’s makeover, he’s just been into that stuff for a while now, but I’ll talk to him and get him to change the clothes” Thomas offered.
“It’s ok. I understand, I was too harsh on him. He’s a lot like what your mother used to be like at that age so I suppose it can’t be that bad she turned out ok.” Aunt Lucy said, “You really love them don’t you?”
Thomas thought about what Aunt Lucy said, before responding “They are my sibling so of course I love them, and they are great kids, apart from one time I’ve never known them to be break the rules.”
Just as Thomas finished speaking he heard a crash from above and then one of the girls screaming. Thomas jumped from his seat and ran upstairs.
He burst into the room where the scream came from. It was the spare room Daisy and Rosie where sleeping in. Thomas heard crying and turned around and say Daisy standing next to the door to the en-suite bathroom. He entered the room and almost had a heart attack with what he saw, Rosie was spread across the floor with a blood pumping from her wrist onto the floor. He noticed a few scratch marks and realised this wasn’t the first time she cut herself. He whipped his phone from his pocket as Aunt Lucy entered and called for an ambulance and prayed it wasn’t too late.


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