Chapter 4: These are my roots, Part 2

The taxi driver had refused to take Lee all the way so he had to switch taxis half way wasting time Lee could have been spending with his dad. When the driver pulled up in front of a small condo, his heart beat began to rise and his hands became sweaty.
“For the fourth time I said this is your stop” The driver shouted.
“Oh, thanks” Lee gulped as he climbed out the vehicle, now he was here; he had no idea what to say to what to do. What if he had made a terrible mistake? What if Michael didn’t want a son or a family?
He slowly mastered his courage and made his way up the path that lead to the front door, he rang the bell and waited, he was a little nervous when he saw an angry woman walk towards the door she looked about Thomas’s age and Lee thought he made a mistake.
She swang open the door and started yelling, “This is the last time I order pizza from your company, I ordered over twenty minutes ago, what took you so long?”
Lee just stood there in shock of the woman’s outburst.
“Well, where is it? Where the hell is is my pizza? You call this a service, I’m gonna have a BF, you know what that means BITCH FIT and I’m gonna be kicking your arse all the way back to the restaurant you little brat” the woman screamed.
“Wait there has been a mistake, I’m not a pizza delivery boy. I’m looking for my father, Michael Bachelor, I Think I’ve got the wrong address.” Lee said quivering.
“So that’s why your here, trying to cheat me out of my inheritance, I was right you are a brat, well let me tell you one thing, you’re not getting a penny from me, I’ll make sure of that” The woman threatened.
"Inheritance?" Lee asked confused, he just stood there, this woman was crazy but he didn’t know what to do.
Luckily he was saved by a second crazy woman who ran up the front path screaming at the first crazy woman.
“Stay away from my fianc√© you skank, and my daddy for that matter, you have already gotten your hands on my uncle’s money you’ll be sorry if you try and take my daddy’s too” the second woman screamed.
“I’ll do whatever I please, Cassy, and soon me and your father will be married so you better start being nice to your new mummy or I’ll be kicking you out when I move in” The first crazy woman quipped back.
“You wouldn’t dare, and daddy wouldn’t marry you he is still waiting for mummy to come back” The second Crazy woman replied hurt.
“Believe whatever you want, now I have to go shopping for wedding dresses, don’t worry I’ll pick you out a bridesmaid dress” The crazy woman said as stomped back inside and slammed the door behind her.
“I’m sorry you had to witness that, I’m not really all that crazy that woman brings out the worst in me” The latest crazy woman apologised. It took Lee a while to realise she was talking to him.
“Oh no worries, looks like I’ve had a wasted journey anyways” Lee replied.
“Why did you come to see the twins from hell anyways?” Cassy asked.
“I’m looking for my father, he’s name is Michael Bachelor, I found out this was his last known address guess I was wrong” Lee said shuffling his feet, he was so depressed, and far away from home.
“OH MY GOSH! Uncle Michael had a son? I never knew, come with me you have to meet my family they will be thrilled to know we have a new relative. My name’s Cassandra Goth by the way, and never call me Cassy, it’s just this cow who calls me that” Cassandra said.
“Well  I’ve seen you when you’re mad so no Cassy it is, I’m Lee Temple” Lee introduced himself it was weird but he somehow trusted this Cassandra woman.
Lee didn’t know what he was doing but he followed her, he knew better than to follow strangers but came to the conclusion his day couldn’t get any more worse than it already was and if Cassandra was right it looked like this hadn’t been a wasted journey he would get to meet relatives he never knew he had. They walked over to the chess table where it seemed an interesting match was happening as people were surrounding to watch the young boy and old man play.
Lee stood behind the man and watched, the man looked stuck and was trying to figure out what to do.
“Move your castle to B8” Lee suggested.
The old man looked at the board pondering Lee’s suggestion then smiled, “I like your way of thinking kid”
The old man moved his castle to B8.
“Check-mate, better luck next time Zander” The old man chuckled.
The kid folded his arms in protest and pouted.
"It's not fair you got help" The kid whined.
“Hey daddy this is Lee,” Cassandra informed her dad, “He says he is Uncle Michael’s son”
The old man stopped chuckling, “Oh, Cassandra go push your brother on the swings I’d like to take to Lee alone for a second.”
Cassandra grabbed Zander and walked off obviously annoyed by the task of spending time with her brother when something like Lee turning up was much more interesting.
The old man got up and walked to the fountain and sat down, Lee followed and did the same.
“So, Lee is it?” The old man said, Lee just nodded to afraid to speak as he thought he’d done something wrong, “Look Lee people always try to ‘get in’ on this family, they think that by saying they are related we will automatically give them access to the family fortune, so tell what is you want, money? A nice title? A scholarship?”
“Oh no, I just want to meet my dad, and my mother was a famous writer and my step-dad was a famous television star, so I don’t need your money, titles, or scholarships” Lee replied.
“Then what do you want? What do you really want?” the old man asked.
Lee looked at his feet, “I want to know why he abandoned me in Bridgeport and moved here, I want to know why he never sent a birthday card or called, I want to know if I ever meant anything to him” Lee said his voice trailed off at the last part.
“What do you know about Bridgeport?” The old man asked.
“That my dad stayed in my mum’s house, he was married to a woman called Holly, had an affair with my mum then moved here” Lee replied.
They were interrupted by Cassandra as she dragged Zander back to the group.
“Come on I really want to know, is he family?” Cassandra begged.
Lee looked at the old man, what would he say? He seemed to be thinking then eventually he turned to face Lee.
“My name is Mortimer Goth, this is my son Alexander, and you have already met my daughter Cassandra, welcome to the family.” Mortimer said.
“I have a cousin!” Cassandra squealed in excitement pulling Lee into a hug.
“Thanks everyone but what about my father? When can I meet him?” The Goths went quiet and Cassandra pulled away.
“I’m afraid you are a month took late, I’m sorry he has passed on” Mortimer informed him sadly.
Lee just stood there frozen to the spot, then tears started to build up and then started rolling freely down his cheeks.
“But don’t worry you still have us” Cassandra said pulling Lee into another hug, “You might not of found your father but you have found a family, speaking of family won’t yours be worried?”
“I suppose, but it’s getting late and too soon to the state curfew I won’t be able to head back until tomorrow” Lee said.
“Don’t worry my cars not far I’ll give you a lift home” Cassandra said.
Lee said goodbye to his new Uncle Mortimer and to his new little cousin Alexander, before jumping into Cassandra’s car. The car sped off.
“So what’s the city like? I’ve never been” Cassandra asked excitedly.
It was really late when they arrived back in Bridgeport, it was defiantly past midnight by Lee’s guess. As they drove towards Lee’s house he noticed flashing lights in the distance. As they approached the front gate they saw a police car.
“Oh No! What’s happened?” Lee gasped. Cassandra parked the car and the both ran inside to see what the matter was.
It became quite obvious what the matter was when they saw Thomas.
“What the hell do you think you were playing at? I’ve called the police and people have been out looking for you, Courtney has been out looking for you all night, and your sisters have locked themselves in their rooms, they won’t tell me a word, what do you have to say for yourself?” Thomas shouted.
“How did you find out?” Lee asked, thinking one of his sisters had ratted him out.
“Zara called for you and when I asked about the mall and sleepover she had no idea what I was talking about. What possessed you to lie to me and who the hell is this?” Thomas asked, he was fuming with rage
“Look just Calm down, this is my cousin Cassandra” Lee said holding his hands up in defence.
“CALM DOWN! How dare you tell me to calm down? GO TO YOUR ROOM. You’re grounded for the next two months.” Thomas screamed.
Lee ran past upset and headed to his room.
“I’m sorry you had to see that, I just don’t understand that boy” Thomas said, Cassandra leaned forward and put her arms on his shoulders to try and comfort the strange guy she just met.
“He just wanted to find his father, put yourself in his shoes; you’d have done the exact same thing I know I would off” Cassandra said.
“I just don’t see why he claims to have no father, I mean, what was wrong with my dad he brought him up just like any other normal father” Thomas sighed.
“Lee told me about your father, I don’t think he thought of him less than what you think. When we lose something we love we try to replace it to get back that feeling, I think Lee was hoping his real father would feel the emptiness that was made when your parents passed away, but now he’s found out his real father has passed away too, he’s not going to be able to feel that void.” Cassandra informed.
“You sound like you speak from experience” Thomas replied.
“My mother, I’m guess I know what it’s like to try and replace one love for another” Cassandra said, playing with the wedding ring on her finger.
“I better go but promise you won’t be too harsh on him” Cassandra begged.
“I promise,” Thomas agreed, “It was nice meeting you Cassandra, goodbye and have a safe trip home”
Thomas waved Cassandra off then went back inside and headed upstairs.
Instead of going to bed he went to Lee’s room. The door was ajar and he knocked on the door as he stepped in.
“Can I come in?” He asked getting Lee’s attention.
“I suppose so, seeing as you already in” Lee snapped back.
Thomas made his way over to the only chair in the room and sat down.
“Look I was a little too harsh on you, I’m sorry, I guess it just hurt that I thought you hated my father, but I guess that’s not true after what Cassandra said” Thomas explained.
“I don’t hate dad, I just dunno, I was jealous of what you had, you knew your dad before he died and I guess as my father is dead too know I’ll never know what it was like to have that” Lee replied.
“Well if you’re not too mad at me I have a present for you, I picked it up while I thought you was at the mall with your friends, It’s a late birthday present” Thomas said.
Lee jumped off his bed and followed Thomas.
They went to the garage and Thomas showed Lee to a brand new shiny red sports car.
“WOW! It’s amazing! Thanks!” Lee cried out in amazement he grabbed Thomas and pulled him into a bear hug.
“I’m glad you like because it’s going to sting when I say you’re not allowed driving lessons for another six months” Thomas informed.
“What? Why so long? That’s not fair” Lee whined.
“Haha! Did you think I already forgot about you lying to me and leaving town? This is your punishment” Thomas chuckled,
“But...” Lee began.
“But nothing,” Thomas interrupted, “You can’t take the time, don’t do the crime”
“I might not have a dad but at least I still have the annoying dumb older brother” Lee remarked, before going back to his room.
As Lee left Thomas couldn't help but watch and was reminded of himself at that age.
“He’s just like I was,” Thomas said to himself chuckling, “God help us all”.

~End of Chapter~


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