Chapter 4: It’s my party I can cry if I want to

It had been two days since I last saw Mick and I was beginning to miss him. As I hadn’t been to any gyms yet and didn’t know if Bridgeport had any I decided to call Mick and see if there was one and if he’d like to accompany me. He gladly agreed to meet me at one and gave me the address. I collected my sport clothes and called for a taxi to pick me up.
When I arrived Mick was already there and had come straight in his gym clothes something I hadn’t considered. He greeted me and we went inside so I could change, Mick wanted to try out some weights, I told him to be careful I was afraid his skinny frame wouldn’t support anything, but he laughed it off, and left me so I could change.
I decided to take it easy first and do a cardio workout, in the dance room. I enjoyed it but felt ashamed I wasn’t working out with Mick after all I did invite him to accompany me, so I turned off the music and excited the dance room to look for Mick.
I found him and decided to also work some weights, which gave him an excuse to joke about my skinny frame like I had done to him. I blushed but laughed it off and started my work out. I was starting to fell upset; it was really hard to use the equipment seeing as I hadn’t worked out in ages, I felt really unfit.
After a while Mick became exhausted from the work out and I used it as an excuse to stop working out as I felt a bit uncomfortable. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he suggested going to the cinema.
“There’s a new film out called ‘The Breakfast Club’ there have been adverts for it for ages now and I think it finally came out a couple days ago, do you want to see it with me?” he asked.
“Sounds like fun” I lied.
Actually I had already seen it in Sunset Valley and hadn’t thought it was that great but I was having too much fun with Mick to say no.
I got changed and waited for Mick, he hadn’t brought a change of clothes like I did and although he washed his clothes still smelt a little. We got in his car and he drove us to the cinema. While I sat in the car I couldn’t help but feel like I had seen it before.
When we arrived I liked what I saw, the cinema was huge and Mick was right, just to the right of the door was a big advertisement for The Breakfast Club. We went in and brought some tickets and watched the film, I had to stop myself from laughing when Mick made an obvious pass at me, It was really corny, he yawned and wrapped an arm round me. I had to focus on the film to stop myself from laughing.
When the film finished we were in stitches, a few sims looked at us confused. I had made jokes since we left about how bad the film was. We laughed at the silly plot, the corny ending, the dancing and the unexplained part about how the geek managed to climb onto the dinosaur and why there was a dinosaur in the school library in the first place.
I was having a really good time and Mick invited me to a party he was throwing that night. I agreed to go after all the fun we had already, the party was going to be great. Mick had to rush off for work, but gave me a big hug before he left.
“Urgh don’t forget to change your clothes these definitely don’t past the sniff test.” I said jokingly and we burst out laughing again.
I went home to pick out an outfit Mick said it was going to be formal but fun, the party was mainly for work friends and his boss but he wanted me there as a friend and for moral support. I had to find an outfit to match and it took emptying all my draws and turning the whole chest upside down before I found it. I hadn’t brought them and I hadn’t nicked them from Fay, the dress and shoes must have been left by the previous owner. I tried them on and they fitted perfectly. So I waited a few hours for the party then left. I got there about 20minutes into the party.
When I went upstairs to Mick’s apartment, it was empty - no party, no Mick, no sim whatsoever. I left slamming the door shut behind me, and decided to go home. I waited for the lift and when it arrived Mick fell out he was really drunk and couldn’t stand properly
“Charice? What you doing at my apar... apar... home?” he asked.
“For the party!” I said getting flustered.
“You didn’t get my email, I I I emailed you, you didn’t get it. Party was cancelled I erm changed my mind, yes, I did, I changed my mind. So no work party, but you came, come on in let’s party. Yaayyyy.” He replied slurring his words.
He collapsed walking towards the door and I helped him up I opened the door and led him to his bed. I helped him change and put him to bed and tucked him in. I decided to stay the night to look after him, as much as I was pissed off at him, I couldn’t leave him in this state. I took of my shoes earrings, and hair clips and climbed on the bed in my new antique dress and fell asleep next to him.
In the morning I made breakfast I knew the best thing he needed was a good healthy breakfast. So I made some waffles it took me two attempts to make them perfectly without burning them. After a while I soon got the hang of the whole cooking lark, I hadn’t really spent much time cooking I was always grabbing something quick before a mission or had dinner dates with business men. When I had finished I went to wake him up. He was shocked to see me as he couldn’t remember anything after leaving the bar. I decided to get back at him for the party thing last night.
“Hey big boy, last night was fun.” I purred ruffling my hair.
His face froze with shock, he looked under the covers quickly and was surprised to see himself dressed in his pyjamas I had to laugh as his reaction was funny, he clocked on I was making a fool of him, and laughed as well.
I told him to get out of bed for being lazy and to come get his breakfast that was ready. We sat down and ate the food, I decided to ask him what had happened.
“Come on, spill it. What happened? You were really drunk something must have made you sad, why’d you really cancel the party?” I quizzed him.
“Fine. I’ll tell you the truth, you’ve been a really good friend, I owe you the truth” he said.
My heart skipped a beat no one had been that kind as to call me a friend before, they have always told me to mind my own business.
“I was fired from work. No, made redundant. Hench why I didn’t want to throw a work party for people I no longer worked with or for. Now this is such a mess how am I going to pay my bills this place is expensive.” He continued telling me.
I felt sorry for him, and all my anger about last night flew out the window.
I got up and gave him a hug.
“If you want you can move in with me. My house, well shack more like, is really small and you’ll have to sleep on a sofa.” I offered.
“Really? We haven’t known each other very long and you want us to move in together?” he responded answering my question with a question.
“I like your company it’ll be nice to have you there.”  I said hopping he wouldn’t read too much into it.
He did and tried to kiss me. I pulled away and he blushed and went very red, he must of been really embarrassed because with our skin tones it’s hard to get red faced.
“I’m sorry but like you said we haven’t know each other that long, but I still don’t mind if you want to move in.” I said hoping that would be the end of the subject.
He nodded and I helped him pack. As we packed he sold his apartment to the city hall using what the town called an ‘express sale’ he sold the apartment for less but could have the money put right into his account the same day.
I put on the rest of my stuff, and re-did the hair clips. We took his bags down to his car and drove for mine. I got the same felling that I had seen the car before again and decided to ask where he got it.
“I found it abandoned just out of the city, all it needed was a fresh tank of gas and the window fixed. Why’d you ask?” he replied.
I told him I was just curious and giggled to myself. I realised how I reconised the car, it was the same one I abandoned when I came to the city.
We arrived and I showed him my, our, home.
“Wow, you really weren’t lying when you said it was small, or when you said it was a shack” he said.
“Oi cheeky! Just be glad I’m letting you stay at all” I replied jokily.
“I am, thank-you I’ll make it up to you, I swear.” He said slumping onto the sofa.


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