Chapter 3: These are my roots, Part 1

(So I want to give Daisy Rosie and Lee some chapter focus as they didn’t really get much with Charice back in the first generation, so this chapter is based on Lee)
Since Rosie had agreed to help Lee find his father, he had been unable to think of anything else. When school finished Lee ran over to the playground he and Rosie had agreed to meet him there before they started the search.
“Are you ready?” he asked excitedly.
“Yeah I suppose” Rosie replied, she wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as Lee was and was worried how they would do it, Rosie knew it meant a lot to Lee and hoped she was up to the challenge she didn’t want to let him down but then again Rosie worried about what lipstick would go with her clothes and she always got it right, she shrugged off any worries she had,
"It's gonna be like finding a boyfriend quick, easy, and leaving everyone fabulous" She thought to herself.
They hopped into Rosie’s car and headed home, they went straight to Rosie room.
“Well I’m not sure on how to find sims, Mr. Snickety, my toy cat has been missing for ages and I don’t know how to find him” Rosie informed her brother.
“It’s simple, Daisy isn’t home yet we’ll just use her computer go onto Simbook and search for my dad on there” Lee replied, revealing his master plan.
“Ohh that’s a good idea, maybe I should make a Simbook account for Mr. Snickety then I can ask him where he is” Rosie said excitedly.
They went into Daisy’s room and started her computer. Daisy had password protected it, but with the creepy wallpaper and ornaments that surrounded the room it wasn’t hard to guess her password was ‘butterfly’, well at least it wasn’t hard for Lee to guess it. It wasn’t long before they were on Simbook and Rosie was searching through the thousands of profiles.
“What are you doing in my room?”
Rosie quickly turned off the computer and swivelled the chair around to face an angry Daisy.
“Well we weren’t looking for Lee’s dad so you don’t have to worry about that” Rosie replied.
“Is this true Lee? Are you looking for your father?” Daisy quizzed.
Rosie looked dumbstruck at Daisy, “How did you know? Are you physic?” Rosie let out an excited squeal, “Will I get those cashmere shoes I wanted?”
“No Rosie, you already said what lee was doing. Just how were you going to look for him anyway?” Daisy lectured.
“We were going to look for him on Simbook” Lee replied, downhearted that Daisy was going to be against him finding his father.
“You was going to look on Simbook? There has got to be like over thousands and billions of users, what was you going to do email everyone of them and ask if they are your long lost father?” Daisy asked, she could help but giggle a little.
“Well if you’re going to be like that...” Lee started, but Daisy interrupted him.
“Look I know a much faster way, come on we are heading to the library” Daisy instructed.
They head to Daisy’s car and she drove them to the library, although Daisy was a slow driver at least Lee didn’t have to pray for his life like he did when Rosie drove.
They headed inside and Daisy told them to wait while she let herself in behind the counter and started going through some important looking documents and records at the back.
“Look Daisy I appreciate you helping me and all but do you think you should be breaking into the library’s records?” Lee asked.
“Haha! When you volunteer at the library as long as I have you gain certain privileges” Daisy said speaking matter-of- factly, “Ah, here it is.”
Daisy took a book from the self and went over to a table and began reading.
“What is this?” Lee asked,
“It’s the old records from the year you were born; it’s basically contact information on everyone who was signed up for a library card.” Daisy informed them.
After twenty minutes of waiting Lee grew impatient, “Have you found out anything?”
“Oh yeah the best thing happened at school today, Karen told Brittney who told Sasha who told Kirsten who told Amber who told Karen, cos let’s face it she has a memory like a sieve, who told Tracy who told me that Rickey, the star quarterback, back broke up with Cordelia, the head cheerleader, because apparently he’s batting for the other team, which I think means he leaving our football team to join our tennis ball or baseball team I’m not 100% sure, anyways it means Cordelia will eat loads of chocolates and become fat from self pity, moving me up from co-captain of the cheerleaders to full captain. Oh and I think there was some news that Collin’s Canadian.” Rosie replied, she seemed to glow with self pleasure that she had remembering that all.
“I was asking Daisy” Lee replied annoyed, “...and really, Collin’s Canadian?”
“I’d hate to break up this important conversation, but yes Lee I did find something. A man called Michael Bachelor one of his address listed was our address, he moved out and then left the city the day before your birth.” Daisy informed them.
“Wait so mum was married to him or something?” Lee asked, confused.
“No, I remember when you was born, we found out that a woman had tried to shoot mum, her name was Holly Bachelor, she was Michael’s wife, and Mum and dad were also not getting along at the time of her pregnancy. So I think mum was having an affair with Michael, and dad found out, that why they stopped speaking then while having the affair mum became pregnant with you and this Holly woman found out and tried to kill mum” Daisy concluded, although in reality she was well of about the affair she was right about who Lee’s father was.
“How do we find him? You said the records say he left town, is there an address?” Lee asked excitedly.
“No but you leave that to me” Daisy replied smugly.
She closed the book and went to the computer, she started typing fast, and as Lee looked Daisy had obtained, information from the local council and was trailing through records of sims who had or still lived in Bridgeport.
“Is this legal?” Lee asked.
“If it wasn’t legal then they wouldn’t have made it so easy to hack the system” Daisy replied grinning sarcastically.
“That’s true” Rosie said, but Lee saw through the sarcasm, but still chose not to do anything.
It wasn’t long before Daisy had the latest address of Michael Bachelor. Daisy logged of the computer and put the records back as the three left they noticed it was getting dark, so hurried back home.
When they got in Thomas was cuddled up with Courtney on the sofa watching a movie.
“How are you going to get Thomas to allow you to go?” Daisy asked.
“Don’t worry I have a plan.”  Lee replied cockily.
He entered the living room and sat down on the sofa.
“Hey Thomas, me and a load of friends are going to the mall tomorrow then crashing at someone’s house, so don’t get worried if I’m not here.” Lee informed his older brother who immediately stopped watching the film and cuddling Courtney.
“And you thought you’d ask my permission before making plans, oh wait, you didn’t” Thomas angrily replied. “I want to know which friends? Whose house your staying at? What you’ll be doing? And I want parent’s phone numbers”
“It just my friends, will be staying at Zara’s house, you remember her don’t you, I’ve stayed at her house before” Lee said.
“I don’t know” Thomas mumbled he was seriously decided not to let Lee go, thankfully for Lee Courtney saved the day.
“If we can get Daisy and Rosie to go out tomorrow it’ll be just us two here, alone” She informed Thomas, whose hormones kicked in as he allowed Lee to go out with his friends.
Lee ran up to his room and headed straight for bed he was too excited and wanted to get up early to spend more time with his father. He set his alarm before going to sleep. His alarm went off the early the next day but I needn’t had to as Lee was far too excited to sleep.
He headed downstairs sure he was the only one up this early but as he fished some cereal from the fridge Thomas walked in, it looked as if Thomas had just got back from one of his morning runs and was covered in sweat. Feeling nervous Lee took his cereal to the dining room to eat hoping to avoid Thomas asking why he was up so early.
But unfortunately Thomas brought a carton of juice in with him and sat down opposite Lee.
“I know why you’re up so early” Thomas stated.
“You do? How?” Lee said going pale.
“Don’t worry, I was a teenager too, hormones raging, I’m sure your going for more than a look round the mall, so which girl is it?” Thomas asked. Lee sighed and relaxed.
“Erm...” Lee couldn’t think of any names.
“You dog, that many huh? All the girls wanted a piece of me too, they still do, just don’t tell Courtney I said that ok, how about I give little Casanova a lift” Thomas chuckled.
Much to Lee’s protest Thomas wouldn’t give up on insisting on giving Lee a lift, he couldn’t think of a reason why Lee wouldn’t want him to go. Lee eventually gave in and Thomas took Lee to Zara’s house. When they arrived Zara was outside reading Lee got out and headed over.
“Looks like it’s just them two, wait was this suppose to be a date?” Thomas whispered to himself, he shook his head in disapproval over what he thought was Lee’s choice in women “Urgh! Lee you can do better; look at her she’s colour blind, urgh!”
But Thomas knew better than to interfere with young love and drove away.
“What are you doing here?” Zara asked Lee as he sat down.
“Uh, just seeing how you are, there’s a rumour going around school you had diarrhea” Lee lied.
“I have a cold for one day and this happens, no Lee I don’t have diarrhea, I bet it was Stan who started that rumour”, Lee nodded, Zara went red with embarrassment, “I’LL KILL HIM”
“Well if you’re all ok I’ll be off” Lee said, smiling his plan had worked, now he was free to visit his father and he couldn’t wait.
He hailed for a taxi and left.
“Where to, kid?” The driver asked
“Pleasantview” Lee said beaming, “I have a long awaited appointment to make.”

~To be Continued~


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