Chapter 3: A perfect Friend-mance

I woke up early the next day for work, I was so excited to start so I could get experience to work as a journalist. As it was only a part-time job I didn’t have to wear a uniform, but I wanted to look smart, show off and impress my new boss. I looked through all my draws but all my clothes were old and horrible. Then I remembered seeing a salon in the city when I went to the town hall.
“Time for SHOPPING” I said excitedly.
It surprised me how excited I was, I normally hated to shop or do other girly stuff, but I got dressed and grabbed some money before heading out. I decided to get a train as a taxi took longer and I didn’t know how long I’d take at the salon.
When I got there a stylist offered to give me a makeover. I told her what I wanted and the type of style I liked, and she had me stand in front of a mirror she went through all the draws grabbing some scissors and some material. She took my measurements to style me an outfit. She also did my hair and make-up for me. “You’re gonna look FAB” she said as she applied the make-up.
When she had finished I looked in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised with the result, she had mastered the most perfect work suit on my small budget. I couldn’t help but clap excitedly and squeal happily. I paid upfront and gave her a tip before leaving. I decided to go in to work an hour early. I climbed on the tube and started to strut to work showing off my new suite to passers-bys who would stop and stare. As I got to the building where I needed to work I heard someone shout my name I quickly looked at my watch I had 30minutes till my shift started so I decided to see who called my name.
It was Mick, the guy I had met the night before at the bar and gave my number to. We sat down on a bench next to the entrance and talked.
“You look amazing” he said eye-boggling me.
“Thanks” I said blushing, I was starting to like this guy.
“I was going to call you to ask if you wanted to meet up tonight, but I thought I might as well ask you now. I’m kind of not-as-new-to-the-city-as-you so I can show some places and we can help each other around the city.” He asked.
“I’d love to, what about straight after when I finish my first shift we can make it a mini celebration as well. Why don’t we meet up at that bar over there?” I said pointing at the bar next to the stadium.
“It’s a date” he said, making us both blush.
I said goodbye and went to work, at least I had something to look forward to at the end of my shift.
When I finished work I headed straight over to the bar. Mick was already there and had brought me a drink. We chatted and got to know each other a little more, but when he asked about where I lived before Bridgeport, I lied and thinking of the dullest and uninteresting place I could I said Riverview. I quickly moved on the conversation as I didn’t want him to know the truth.
We got a bit bored and wanted to know what was behind the door the bouncer was guarding,
“It’ll cost ya” he said putting his hand out awaiting for the money.
“How rude!” I thought, but Mick paid and we went inside.
To be honest I thought it was a waste of money, there wasn’t much more to do here, the band was back in the other room, so the music was from a cheap CD. I hinted to Mick that I was bored and we giggled before leaving.
“Where are we going now?” I asked Mick.
“Somewhere impressive, but we’ll have to sneak in, the place only accepts celebrities” Mick replied.
He was right the place was very impressive from outside, but what was it like inside?
When we got in we sneaked in past the bouncer, he saw us but wasn't really bothered. The place was amazing and we went straight to the bar.
“Let me pay, I haven’t brought us a round yet” I offered.
I brought the drinks and before long we was a bit tipsy, and in the mood for some fun.
So I grabbed Mick’s hand and dragged him to the dance floor. Nobody else danced they all just enjoyed watching the pianist, but we didn’t care we just had more dance floor, but after a couple of hours of non-stop dancing, we soon got bored so we sneaked into the private area upstairs to snoop around.
We found a liquid bubble machine and we both decided to try it, we soon started a competition to see who could blow the most bobbles, we couldn’t stop giggling, and were having too much fun. I felt as if we were now good friends, and well on our way to becoming best friends.
We decided to finish the night with a quick dip in the clubs hot tub. It was really relaxing and I couldn’t of asked for a better night out. We would of stayed all night if some snobby celebrity hadn’t told the bouncers we’d sneaked in. Oh well, this was the start of a perfect friend-mance.


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