Chapter 2: Smile you're a Vampire

I woke up the next day to find that the mail woman had put some letters in my post box, they were all bills, but fortunately I only had to pay §28 so I didn’t have to spend that much. I saw that the latest newspaper had been delivered also, so I picked it up and had a quick skim through, to find the hotspot for tonight, I laughed when I saw the hotspot was 'Waylon’s Haunt', the same bar I went to last night. I saw an advert at top of the page with a coupon for a writing class. Success! I thought I’ll need this to count as experience when I try for the journalist job. I called for a taxi and left to get a lesson.
I arrived with just ten minutes before the lesson started and had enough time to put my name on the register and pay for the lesson. When I finished the lesson, the teacher said I was a really good writer and should start writing stories.
"Now all I need is to buy something to write with and I’ll be on my way" I thought to myself.
As it was about 2.30pm I decided to head over to 'Waylon’s Haunt', I hailed a taxi and headed for the bar, the newspaper was right this was a hotspot there were so many cars going there this place will be full tonight!
As I went in I noticed a guy smiling at me so I went over and introduced myself, it was about time I introduced myself to some over people, the city is a big place I’m sure I’ll need a friend to help me. We really hit it off and I found out his name was Mick Situp and he was a really funny guy. While we was talking I noticed this other guy with big muscles watching me, I felt strangely attracted to the muscled guy and left Mick in middle of the conversation to introduce myself. Mick was a bit upset I had left him and walked of sulking.
I introduced myself to the muscled man who was called William, I couldn’t keep my eyes of him it was like I was bewitched and had a spell on me pulling me closer to him. My head could only focus on him and the world melted away around me, I looked into his eyes and they glowed brightly hypnotising me with their glare. I pulled him close and danced with him.
It wasn’t long before I felt the urge to kiss him, I needed to, I had to, I felt as if if I didn’t I’d die, so I leaned forward and kissed him. I wanted more, I needed more. I grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the bathrooms. I kissed him again this time with more passion.
“Bite Me” I whispered into his ear.
He smiled and said “Tell me you want me to bite you, beg for it.”
I stepped backwards and pointed at my wrist.
“Bite Me, here, I want you to bite me here” I pleaded.
His eyes were like magnets I couldn’t look away, but then I saw him out the corner of my eye, Mick was sitting at the bar alone. I looked back at William who had grown two sharp teeth in his mouth, then I realised he was a vampire and was using his powers to control my mind, using all my will power I pushed him from my mind.
“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? HOW DARE YOU THINK I’D DO THIS!” I yelled at him, he was taken back.
“Your minds too strong, I can’t control it, but how?” He whimpered.
I pushed him away.
“Go away before I get really mad, and don’t try any tricks on me like this again” I told him.
He scampered away and didn’t look back. Regaining my posture I looked around for Mick.
He was sitting at the bar so I went over and sat next to him.
“Thanks, you saved my life” I said as I sat down.
He looked at me puzzled.
“Really? How?” he asked.
“Oh nothing to worry about now, but I’m glad I met you that other guy was a jerk” I replied.
Mick blushed a little and smiled, I stood up and got a napkin of the bar, wrote some digits on it and handed it to Mick.
“Here’s my number, call me anytime you want to meet up” I said, I don't know why but I knew I could trust him.
“Thanks” he replied looking at the number, still a bit confused at to what was going on.
I left the bar and headed home, the whole vampire thing had warned me out. So I wanted to get to bed as soon as. I decided to get the train near to my house as it would be quicker, and then got a taxi from the station.
When I got home the first thing I did was lock the door I didn’t want this William guy to come looking for me and if he did I didn’t want him to just walk into my house. Making sure it was locked tight I took the key and put it in my pocket.
I got changed and climbed into bed.
“What kind of eventful day will I have tomorrow?” I thought.


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