Chapter 2: Keeping Secrets

It had been a year since their dad’s funeral and the Temple family was ready to move back home.
“I’m going to miss you staying here, no more sneaking into to your room at night for our long conversations” Courtney said, looking at the man that had kept her infatuated since he moved into the motel.
“The long conversations don’t have to end if you don’t want them to” Thomas said.
“What do you mean?” Courtney asked.
“You could move in with me, if you want?” Thomas asked going completely red.
“Oh, Erm, can I think about it?” Courtney asked she was a bit taken back by Thomas’ sudden proposal to move in.
“Yeah, sure, I better get the others ready they’re really looking forward to going home, I’ll see you tonight at the opening” Thomas said making an excuse for a quick exit.
He felt so embarrassed and stupid for asking Courtney to move in they had only known each other for a year and weren’t even going steady. Courtney left Thomas to go back to working the reception desk.
“There’s something I need to tell you” Thomas said making his way over to Lee and his sisters, “I had builders in to remodel the house, so we’re going back to a totally new home.
“What about all our stuff?” Daisy asked worried.
“Don’t worry, everything that was left in your rooms were put into a storage, you can go through it anytime you want to take out anything out, the leftovers can be sold,” Thomas explained, “So, are we ready to see our new home?”
Everyone climbed into Thomas’s car excited to see the new house, and when they approached they stared open mouthed in amazement. The house was huge another story taller than their last house had been and about twice as wide too.
“Wow, you have style, I didn’t know” Rosie said.
“It looks nothing like our old home, I think I miss it” Daisy complained.
“Well Daisy does your own room and you own car persuade you to like more?” Thomas said.
“We had another home? I’ve forgot about it already” Daisy said jokingly agreeing with Thomas.
“Yeah it was green, me and you shared a room, don’t you remember? Thomas I think we need to take daisy to the hospital” Rosie said not getting Daisy’s joke.
Lee didn’t say anything but the look on his face told Thomas he loved his new home.
They entered the house it was all so shiny and new no one wanted to touch anything encase they made it dirty. When Thomas walked into the room on the right everyone followed. Daisy noticed a familiar painting hanging on display on the wall.
“That’s the painting I did of mum and dad” Daisy exclaimed happily.
“Yay! She remembers, don’t worry Thomas we don’t need to take her to the hospital now” Rosie said happily while Daisy just rolled her eyes.
They enter the kitchen on the other side of the room and on the counter was a cake.
“You didn’t think I forgot that was today did you?” Thomas said smiling cheekily to Lee.
Lee squeezed Thomas round the waist and ran over to his cake. He was too short to reach the counter so Thomas found something for him to stand on as everyone cheered in his birthday. Lee thought long and hard about what he wanted to wish for on his birthday, before blowing out the candles. There was only one thing he really wanted.
After Lee blew out the candles oh his cake everyone grabbed a slice and sat down in the new dining room to eat their slice.
“So what do you think of the new house?” Thomas asked taking a break from eating.
“It’s great” Rosie said with her mouth full of cake.
“Rosie, speak between mouthfuls” Daisy complained. “I like this new house”
“Me too” Lee said.
Thomas was glad everyone liked the house, as both of their parents had died in the last one Thomas hadn’t really wanted to go back to it. Selling his mother’s shares in the criminal underworld had helped a lot to get the house changed. Thomas thought about the woman in black again. She had brought the shares on her boss’s behalf and flirted with Thomas but he hadn’t seen her since, his thoughts would often change to her, he imagined what her eyes looked like behind the glasses she had worn and wondered what she smelt like, if she was ticklish. He snapped back to reality as he noticed Lee getting up and taking a chair into the living room.
Thomas stood up and with Rosie and Daisy watched Lee from the doorway.
“What do you think he’s doing?” Thomas asked.
“Looking for fairies maybe, but silly Lee doesn’t know they only come out at night time” Rosie said.
“Rosie fairies don’t exist” Daisy said amazed at how childish her sister could be.
“Every time you say that a fairy dies” Rosie said in protest.
“Maybe you should ask him what he’s doing” Daisy suggested.
Thomas hesitated and walked over.
“So... Lee... What you doing?” Thomas asked nervously.
“Waiting” Lee replied.
“Waiting for what?” Thomas asked trying carefully not to upset Lee.
“It doesn’t matter, it’s just like my last birthday. He’s forgotten again” Lee said standing up. Putting his hands into his pockets he walked out into the back of the house.
Lee went into the garden area behind the pool and Thomas followed. Thomas watched as Lee sat down on the bench under the cherry blossom tree, Thomas waited a bit before walking over to comfort his brother.
Thomas sat down next to Lee and they looked at the graves in front of them.
“I had their graves moved over from the cemetery; it didn’t seem like home without them here. I miss them” Thomas said trying to break the silence between him and Lee.
“Why don’t you tell me what’s bothering you?” Thomas asked.
“I just don’t see why he didn’t come, you know a crummy card would of done or just anything really, but he hasn’t bothered again” Lee said throwing his arms up in distress.
“Who are you talking about?” Thomas asked.
“My dad, some dad he’s turned out to be” Lee said depressed.
“Your dad is here, he’s right in front of you” Thomas said.
“No that’s your dad, Mick Temple, he’s not my dad” Lee replied.
“It doesn’t matter if he’s not your biological father but he was your dad. He brought you up like one of his own children and he loved you like his own son” Thomas said, with a hint of reproach in his voice, feeling a bit offended that Lee didn’t think of Mick as his dad.
“Yeah but it would of been nice if my real dad took the slightest interest in me. I don’t even know his name. Can you tell me it?” Lee asked.
“Look, don’t stress yourself out over this. He had a chance to be your dad but failed and for that I’m not telling you his name and right now I have to leave its opening night for Eugi’s and I have to be there.” Thomas said rising from his seat leaving Lee staring at the graves in front of him.
Thomas arrived at Eugi’s to open it for the first time under his management. He was saddened to see no one was there for the opening and after waiting ten minutes lost patience and just opened it up. As there was no one there Thomas decided to waste time cleaning glasses. It wasn’t long before his first customers arrived, Courtney and a familiar face he was sure he’d seen before.
“Hi Thomas, this is my friend Abigail, but everyone calls her Abi and Abi this is the guy I was telling you about” Courtney said, introducing everyone as she sat down.
“So this is the famous Thomas? Courtney hasn’t shut-up for the past three weeks about you” Abi said making Courtney blush.
Thomas couldn’t help but look at Abi, there was something about her that made him think he had met her before.
“How’s the bar going?” Courtney asked trying to get off the subject, but Thomas loved her shyness.
Thomas sighed “Not good”
“Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will turn out ok” Courtney said, as always being her optimistic self.
Thomas couldn’t help but let a bit of the optimism make him smile.
“I’m just going to pop to the little girl’s room” Courtney informed them getting up.
“Does it seem weird that I think I know you?” Thomas asked Abi.
“I hope not, seeing as we spent that night together” Abi said seductively winking at Thomas.
“Hmm, refresh my memory” Thomas said leaning closer while grinning.
“My my you are a bad boy after all, aren’t you? Forgetting a girl like me” Abi asked playfully.
“Wait, I remember you know. You’re that woman from the mafia?” Thomas exclaimed excited. He had longed to see her again ever since she left his motel room.
“Shh! Keep your voice down, Courtney doesn’t know anything about it, she thinks I work at a limousine company as a chauffeur, and for the record I don’t work for the mafia, I work for the criminal underworld” Abi protested.
“Well can I just say then, that your more beautiful than I remember you being” Thomas said.
Abi smiled, “how beautiful?”
But before Abi could get an answer Courtney came back from the toilet.
“I hope you two were playing nice” Courtney said, making Thomas blush a little.
“Erm, I guess so” He replied.
“I’ve been thinking Thomas, I’m going to take you up on your offer” Courtney said, Thomas looked at her confused. “You still want me to move in with you right? The offer still stands?”
“Right, of course, you can move in tomorrow” Thomas said.
“Really? You’re such a sweet guy, I’m lucky to have you in my life” Courtney said.
She leaned forward and kissed Thomas on the lips, with Abi looking on jealous. Courtney and Thomas immediately blushed afterwards. They hadn’t really kissed since the night they passionately kissed at the bar when Courtney was teaching Thomas how to mix drinks.
“I hope you still want to leave and not spend the whole night sucking face with your boyfriend” Abi protested.
“He’s not my boyfriend” Courtney replied going redder.
“Where are you two going?” Thomas asked, downhearted they were leaving.
“Now don’t take this the wrong way but bars just aren’t cool, everyone loves clubs now, and I want to get my dance on” Abi informed Thomas
“You think I should turn this into a club?” Thomas questioned the idea as he wasn’t sure.
“If you do I’ll make sure me and Courtney will perform at your opening night, we’re a pop duo” Abi said.
“Really? You two are a pop duo? You never told me” Thomas exclaimed.
“Well we’ll definitely get the crowds in, our outfits are kind of revealing” Abi said.
“Can we please not talk about us being in revealing outfits” Courtney said feeling uneasy.
Thomas decided to ignore Courtney’s request “How revealing?”
“It would make a sex offender blush” Abi said licking her lips to make a point.
“Can we go now before you embarrass me some more?” Courtney pleaded.
Abi stopped licking her lips and stood up, “Come on then I’ve been waiting for you to be ready to leave for like forever”
“Bye Thomas” Courtney said leaving.
As the girls left Thomas went back to cleaning the bar as there was nothing else to do.
Back at home Lee and Daisy were watching a soppy romantic film together, Rosie had begged for them to watch it but for the last twenty minutes she had been upstairs in the bathroom.
“Just where is Rosie? She was the one who wanted to watch this rubbish” Thomas asked Daisy.
“She went bathroom again, I don’t know why she is taking so long” Daisy replied.
“Maybe she forgot how to use the toilet again” Lee laughed
“Ha-ha! Or maybe she thinks the sewer monster will climb out the toilet again” Daisy chuckled.
“I suppose I better go see if she’s ok” Lee said getting up, “Besides if I watch anymore of this I think I’ll need therapy”
He went upstairs and headed to the toilet, he knocked on the door but there was no answer.
“Rosie, are you ok?” He called.
“I’ll be out in a minute” Rosie yelled back.
Lee was about to leave but stopped when he heard Rosie gasp in pain. He turned back and opened the door.
He was in shock at what he saw.
“FUCK! Rosie, what the hell are you doing?” Lee asked in shock at the sight of Rosie cutting herself.
Rosie quickly stopped what she was doing and faced Lee.
“Please Lee don’t tell anyone about this, I’ll do anything. I’ll give you a makeover, sing you soft kitty to help you sleep, I’ll even do your homework” Rosie pleaded.
“Homework? Wow you are serious” Lee said, but he didn’t want any of those things.
“Ok, I’ll keep your secret on one condition you have to help me find my biological father” Lee told Rosie.
Rosie relaxed she had no idea what biological father meant but she was glad Lee was going to keep her secret.
Rosie pulled Lee into a hug, “Thanks Lee, you’re the best brother in the world”.
Lee felt a bit bad but as it didn’t seem life threatening and Rosie was really stupid so probably not cutting herself too deeply he decided finding his roots where more important.

~End of Chapter~


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