Chapter 16: The Lonely Bones

(This chapter and all future chapters will not be written in first person any more)
The Temple family had a hard time adjusting to the death of Charice. Thomas had been the one to find her body at the bottom of the stairs he had called the ambulance and awoke the rest of his family. When the ambulance finally arrived they said notified the family that Charice had been dead for hours before Thomas had found her. They arranged a funeral for the weekend, as Charice had no family, apart from her deceased mother, that anyone knew about they decided that the funeral would just be them. Mick was the most cut up about what had happened, his face had been plastered all over the newspapers for having something to do with his wife’s accident, Mick knew the papers were just trying to sell juicy stories at his expense but Lee had heard one of the stories and had been scared for a couple of days to be in the same room. Thomas and Daisy had locked themselves away from the world, Daisy plastered herself more into her painting and after graduation Thomas just kept rereading all the books Charice had written. Rosie was struggling with her emotions the most, being the most popular girl in her year and one of the top hotties at school meant she couldn’t grieve around people or she’d be rocketed to the bottom of the school heap, Daisy had already been ridiculed by Kaya Traytor, the queen B of the school, and Rosie didn’t want that to happen to her too.
After they had said goodbye to Charice they headed home. Thomas, Lee, Rosie and Daisy sat down as soon as they got home, everyone one was in complete silence and no one dared to look each other or say a word. As Mick entered through the front door the phone rang, he decided to answer it, thinking it was someone saying how sorry they were.
“Hello” Mick said, adjusting his glasses.
“Hello Mr Temple, It's your lawyer, Caspar Blake. I was also your wife’s lawyer before she passed away. I wanted to call and give you my condolences.  Now your wife gave me her will, so I was wondering when it would be appropriate for the family to attend a hearing of her will?” the man asked.
“Erm I’m sorry can one of my children call you back, now is not a good time” Mick replied
“Of course, take as much time as you need” Caspar Blake said.
Mick said his goodbyes to Caspar Blake and went into the front room where the children were sulking. Thomas looked up at his and stood up gave him a hug.
“Dad, I’ve decided I’m not going to follow up on that offer from the Llamas to join their football team in Emerald City, I’m going to stay here and help out with the family there is no way your retirement will be enough to pay all the costs” Thomas told his father.
“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” Mick asked his son.
“Yes, I called the Llamas’ manager yesterday and told him, it’s what mum would want, family was important to her, so with my family is where I’m staying” Thomas said with the most assured voice he could master deep down Thomas didn’t know if he really knew what to do. Mack patted Thomas on his shoulder.
“I think I’m going to go lie down for awhile” Mick said leaving the room.
Mick climbed up the stairs, his heart ripping apart with each step he took.
“Oh Charice, where are you? I miss you so much. I love you please come back to me” Mick pleaded quietly. He knew his pleas would go unanswered. He stepped over the last step avoiding where Charice had lost her balance. His head felt heavy and instead of heading to his room to lie down he headed to the bathroom.
He entered the bathroom and headed to his medicine cabinet. He took his pills and placed them next to the sink and unscrewed the lid.
“Charice, Sweetie, Save me a kiss and a cuddle I’m on my way.” Mick said as he started to stuff as many pills down his throat. It wasn’t long till he collapsed onto the floor.
About ten minutes later Lee entered the bathroom to use the toilet but was horrified to see Mick on the floor, he had remember when he had seen his mummy’s lifeless body at the bottom of the stairs and ran out the bathroom screaming with tears rolling down his face. He ran into the front room and Daisy tried to comfort him.
“What’s wrong?” She said trying to calm down her little brother.
“Daddy’s on the floor upstairs in the bathroom” Lee cried into Daisy’s arms. Daisy ran up and saw her dad on the floor, she quickly checked his pulse and then noticed the empty bottle of pills. She ripped her mobile phone from her pocket and dialled for the ambulance.
Daisy barged into Thomas’ room while he was getting changed.
“Dad’s dying” She said sobbing. Thomas quickly pulled his jeans on before hugged his sister.
“Of course he is, we all are, don’t worry it’s normal to feel this much pain” Thomas said. Daisy pulled away from her brother he didn’t understand.
“NO! Dad’s dying. He took all of his pills and is on the floor of the bathroom. I’ve called for an ambulance.” Daisy said. Mick stumbled backwards onto his bed he tried to refuse to believe his sister but after a few minutes he gave up and broke down crying.
He followed Daisy into the front room to let Lee and Rosie know what was happening. When the ambulance arrived they checked on Mick he was still alive so there was time if they got him to the hospital in time. Thomas stood up and looked around at his siblings.
“Come on, we’re all going to the hospital Dad needs us.” He said. Lee walked towards the door still in shock about what had happened.
“NO! I’m not going anywhere. I hate you all.” Rosie screamed before running out the room crying.
“You and Lee go, I’ll stay behind and look after Rosie.” Daisy instructed her brother. Thomas and Lee climbed into the car Thomas had gotten for graduation and followed the ambulance.
Daisy went into the basement, she guessed her sister would go there and she was right. Rosie was curled up crying on her bed, so Daisy walked over.
“Thomas and Lee have gone to the hospital to be with dad.” Daisy said. Rosie wiped the tears from her face.
“That’s good. I don’t hate you, by the way. Is daddy going to be ok?” Rosie asked.
“I don’t know.” Daisy said quietly.
Rosie stood up “Do you have a tissue for my eye rain? Mum used to do my make-up and now I’ve forgotten how to use it all.” Rosie said.
She walked over to her sister and tried to give her a hug.
“DON’T TOUCH ME!” Rosie said pushing Daisy away. “I don’t want people touching me” Rosie started to cry but she stopped herself.
“If you’re not going to give me a tissue, please leave me alone” She said. Daisy backed out of the room and left her sister.
Daisy ran into the back garden, there on the easel was a picture she had started, before the death of her mother, a portrait of her mum and dad. She picked up the paintbrush and colour palette she took all of her emotion she was felling and used it to finish off the painting.
Meanwhile in a private ward at the hospital, Lee and Thomas watched Mick as he was wired into a life support machine. Thomas looked around at the flowers someone must have sold a reporter the story of what happened to his dad because every 15minutes the nurse would walk in a place another bunch of flowers brought for Mick by one of his fans.
Finally Lee spoke. “Is he going to get better?” Lee asked.
“I hope so.” Thomas said.
“I think he will” Lee said. Thomas looked at his little half brother, thinking back he realised this was the first time they had a conversation where Thomas wasn’t horrible to him. Lee took his brother’s silence as an invitation to continue speaking.
“I think he will be better because we bought him grapes, whenever someone is ill you bring them grapes to make them feel better and we brought grapes so he will be better soon you’ll see.” Lee said. All Thomas could so was smile, if only things were as easy as what Lee had said.
“I’m sorry” Thomas said. Lee looked at him curiously. “I’m sorry I haven’t treated you like my little brother. I’m sorry for all the nasty things I’ve said to you. I’m just jealous I suppose, whenever I see your face you look exactly like mum and I suppose I just always thought as the oldest I should be the one who should look like our mum. Will you forgive me?” Thomas said.
Lee leaned over and gave his brother’s arm a hug.
“Of course I will.” Lee said, but their family moment was ruined by a loud noise coming from Mick’s life support monitor, suddenly three doctors and a nurse rushed into the room. The nurse made Thomas and Lee leave the room.
“What’s wrong?” Thomas asked the nurse, but she refused to answer him and went back into the room. “WHY WON’T YOU TELL ME?” Thomas screamed banging on the door.
After an hour the nurse and the three doctors left the room. Thomas glanced at them and before the nurse muttered she was sorry Thomas knew exactly what had happened in there. He told Lee to wait outside he didn’t want to traumatise Lee by making him see a second dead body at his young age, seeing one dead body was bad enough for anyone at any age. Thomas closed the door behind him but couldn’t bring himself to get closer to his dad’s body just like he couldn’t bring himself from breaking down crying on the spot. He finally stopped and wiped away the last tear with the back of his hand before exiting the room. Thomas looked at Lee and Lee looked back, Thomas could tell from Lee’s fresh tears he already knew.
Thomas had to sign a few papers before he and Lee were allowed to leave. They made their way home silently, while driving Thomas put a comforting arm around Lee. When they got home Thomas asked Lee to get changed into some normal everyday kind of clothes and pack a bag with some pyjamas and change of clothes. Thomas then walked into the front room. His sister was sitting on the couch but couldn’t have been further apart from each other. They had both got changed out of their funeral clothes. Daisy was reading a book and Rosie was putting the shopping channel on.
Thomas stepped in front of the television and cleared his throat.
“I have something I need to tell you. Dad, Dad’s passed away” Thomas said.
Rosie and Daisy looked at him. Rosie tried her best not to show any emotion like she had done when Charice had died but her lip trembled and her eyes glazed over, whereas Daisy just let herself cry.
“Now what?” Daisy asked
“We are going to go to a motel. I don’t think any of us will be able to sleep in this house for a while. So can you all go pack some bags” Thomas said. Daisy and Rosie did as they were told and met Thomas by his car with Lee. They put some bags in the boot and all climbed into the car and drove to find a motel.
They finally found directs to one for someone walking home. When they arrived Thomas packed the car and made sure to lock it. The motel was called The Heights Motel, it was newish looking Thomas looked around it was late and most rooms except two had their lights off. They grouped up in front of the car and headed inside.
They enter the reception room Rosie, Lee and Daisy sat down while Thomas went over to the front desk there was no one there. Disheartened Thomas sighed, but then he heard music coming from upstairs maybe there was an employee up there. He told the others to stay seated while he had a look. He saw an elevator and took it up.
Luckily there was a young woman working the bar, as Thomas sat down to wait for her to finish he couldn’t help but notice how pretty she looked. She finally noticed him.
“Hi, I was wondering if you could help me I need a room for the night.” Thomas said.
“We have two left, the honeymoon suite or a standard three bed room.” The woman replied.
“I’ll take them both, my brother and sisters are waiting downstairs for me, I’m Thomas by the way.” He said.
“I’m Courtney.” The bartender replied shyly smiling at Thomas.
She followed him downstairs to the front desk and gave him the keys to the rooms.
Thomas decided to take the honeymoon suite and entered the room. He locked the door behind him and climbed onto the bed. He just needed a moment to curl up and have a breather before going to bed properly but he ended up falling asleep anyway.
Upstairs in the other room Daisy and Lee were going to bed, while Rosie went to the bathroom.
“Don’t be too long in there or loud we need to go to sleep” Daisy told her sister, Rosie just tutted and rolled her eyes.
She entered the bathroom and used the toilet. She saw the sink and went to wash her hands and as she did she ended up cutting herself on the dodgy tap. Rosie flinched and quickly moved her hand under the water. As she looked at the cut she realised she had felt slightly better when she cut her hand. It was almost as if her cut somehow had cut away at the pain inside her too.
Looking above her she noticed a cabinet, she opened the doors and looked in it to find something sharp, she found some scissors. She took them and holding her left arm above the sink she placed the scissors onto her skin and with her eyes closed scrapped the scissors against her skin cutting herself she repositioned the scissors and did it again and again and again. Scared that someone would wonder why she was taking so long Rosie quickly washed the blood off and put the scissors back.
When she left the bathroom Lee and Daisy were already asleep. Rosie turned the light of then got ready to go to sleep. She prayed to the sleep fairy to bring her happy dreams before climbing into bed and falling asleep.
*5 days later*
The rest of the week went by slowly. The Temples were still staying at the motel. Lee and Thomas had grown closer as brothers and Thomas had also befriended the bartender Courtney. Daisy had thrown herself into her studies more than usual and strangely to everyone else Rosie was making more trips to the bathroom than usual, but today was different it was Mick’s funeral. Rosie had been in the bathroom for her longest time yet and Daisy grew impatient.
“What was taking you so long? And really are you going to wear those stupid things all the time you have been wearing them non-stop since we got here.” Daisy lectured her sister as she came out the bathroom.
“I don’t know what you mean and my arms are cold so need some hand socks.” Rosie said. Daisy knew her sister could be stupid at times and she couldn’t decide if this was a fake or Rosie just being Rosie.
“Well anyway we better go Thomas and Lee are waiting in the car.” Daisy said.
Rosie and Daisy joined their brothers in the car and went to the burial of their dad. This time as everyone cried Rosie was the one who cried the most and Thomas was the one who cried the least, he took peace in knowing his parents were where they should be, together. After the service they got in the car and drove to the lawyer’s, Caspar Blake’s, office for the hearing of both Charice’s and Mick’s wills.
When they got there the receptionist told them to sit and wait. For what seemed hours the receptionist finally said it was ok for them to enter the office of Caspar Blake. The stood and one by one entered the room.

~End of Chapter~


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