Chapter 15: Not all the birthday wishes in the world...

*5 Years Later*
I woke up in suddenly from a nightmare drenched in sweat. I had been having recurring dreams about the night at the hospital when Lee was born. My psychiatrist had said that the dreams were my subconscious punishing me for what had happened to Mick. When Holly had held that gun pointing in my direction I thought I was going to die, but as she pulled the trigger Mick jumped in front of me. I looked at the man lying next to me and stroked his face to wake him up.
“What’s wrong?” He asked sitting up, “Did you have another nightmare?”
“Yes, I just don’t know why I keep having it.” I said feeling slightly depressed.
“Look there is nothing to worry about, I made a quick recovery, you can’t even see my bullet wound and Holly has been put inside an insane asylum, you have nothing to worry about” Mick said pulling me close.
“Well, there is one thing” I said looking at Mick.
“What’s that?” Mick asked curiously.
“I can’t remember what colour your hair used to be” I said jokingly.
“Oi! Cheeky!” Mick said as he tickled me, “Now we must get some sleep it’s a busy week, we have four birthdays to look forward to.”
I kissed Mick on the cheek and went back to sleep.
The next day was Mick’s birthday; unfortunately he had to work for most of the day as the latest film he stared in was released the day before and Mick had a lot of press conferences and TV interviews to film. I spent some of the day doing chores, and the rest writing my latest book. When it came to dinner time I collected the kids from their rooms and took them to meet up with their father, we grouped up at the restaurant me and Mick went before we married. Daisy and Lee spent most of the time running around getting their clothes dirty, Daisy and Lee were really close, Rosie had been confused about why her little brother was a different colour, but Daisy made a natural bond with her little half-brother. I called Lee and Daisy to the table and after we finished eating and had the waiter take away our plates we celebrated Mick’s Birthday. Today he became an elder.
We went home after the celebrations to get ready for the national film awards and Mick was being nominated ‘Best Male Lead’ for his role on Doctors. I got dressed and helped Mick get ready, I wanted him looking extra handsome when he accepted the award for best actor, I just knew he was going to win.
We went downstairs to say goodbye to the children, they were in the front room wearing their PJs playing a computer game.
“Where’s Thomas?” I asked noticing he wasn’t there.
“In his room” Lee replied.
“Lee, I’ve told you many times before it’s not just Thomas’s room it’s yours too, he has to share” I said. Lee just shrugged his shoulders and continued playing. Annoyed I went into Thomas and Lee’s bedroom to find out what was wrong with Thomas.
“How many times do I have to tell this is Lee’s room as well? And pick up the mess this room is disgusting.” I said loosing my patients, since me and Mick brought Lee home from the hospital Thomas refused to even identify Lee as his brother or even his half brother at least.
“Well if you keep saying it’s Lee’s room to then why can’t he pick anything up and clean in here.” Thomas said, I waved my arms and shrugged there just wasn’t any use trying to get through to Thomas he was a teenager now. I left the room and went with Mick, I didn’t want Thomas' attitude ruining our evening.
We were picked up by a limo and taken to the awards show, I grabbed Mick’s arm and was a little over excited about walking down the red carpet. Mick had been previous times before but I had either been ill or was still going through my breakdown after the hospital incident with Holly. There were loads of paparazzi and the whole thing was overwhelming. It was all made worth it when Mick won the award he was nominated for, as he gave his speech he took it as the perfect time to announce his retirement which shocked the audience and me, I knew how much he had loved his job. After the award show we were invited to the after party for all the sims who won an award. I was so proud of Mick I couldn’t stop hugging him and praising him the whole night. I overheard one of the other celebrities say “Gosh look at it, they are so fake. You just know they don’t do that at home.” It was Matthew Hamming an actor who Mick had beaten for the ‘Best Male Lead’ award. I couldn’t help but think, “How’s Caroline? You jerk”. Caroline had been his first wife and he was defiantly torn up when she had ‘disappeared’. The rest of the night was wonderful and at 3am we left the festivities early and went home.
As we got changed in lied in bed Mick looked over to me concerned, I caught his gaze and asked what was wrong.
“Do you still love me?” Mick asked.
“What? Where has this come from? Of course I still love you.” I said, saddened that he would ask me that.
“It’s just that look at me I’m old, my hair is even more white and I wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to exchange me for a younger model.” Mick replied, feeling slightly depressed.
“Have I ever told you about what happened to me the night we met?” I asked, Mick shook his head. “Remember how we was talking and I left you at the bar to dance with that guy?”
“I don’t see how this is helping” Mick replied.
“The guy was a vampire, He had me hypnotised and he was going to drink my blood, do you know what broke his spell over me? You, I saw you and his spell was broken, I think it’s because we are sole mates and that’s how you, a guy I had just met in a bar, was able to free me from the spell. I don’t think you can find greater proof of my love for you than that.” I said. Mick smiled at me and pulled me into a hug.
“I’m sorry I asked the question, but I know how to make up for it, I might be old but parts of me still work” Mick said with a grin. I looked at him and we both jumped under the covers.
*Two days later*
I woke up early as usual to make breakfast for the kids before school, and start on my chores. Today was the twins’ birthdays and I had planned to do a special family meal. I worked on the laundry while they ate, and then I got dressed. I dropped the kids off at school, Thomas was nervous as he was going to try out for the football team. I wished him luck and wished the girls a happy day at school for their birthdays. After I made sure they entered the school ok I drove back home to wrap the girls presents I had brought.
When Mick finally woke up on his first day of official retirement I helped him fulfil his lifetime wish of owning a bar, as he was now retired he would be able to focus 100% on running it. I logged online and he watched over my shoulder, so to see what was on offer with me. He almost jumped with glee when he saw that the Bridgeport Sports Zone was for sale, but unfortunately it was above our price range. I looked again and saw Eugi's was for sale.
“Isn’t this where you used to do your moonlighting jobs?” I asked.
“Yeah, how much is it going for?” Mick asked me.
“erm... §72,240, that’s enough to buy and still have money left in our budget to neaten it up a bit, I think it’s a good investment.” I said.
“Sounds good, lets buy it.” Mick said excitedly. I wrote the address and called the real estate and within a few hours Mick had his own bar.
“Oh thank you Sweetie, I’m going to do something for you, I’ll make lunch.” Mick said pulling me into a deep hug.
We went into the kitchen where Mick made us some sandwiches, he hadn’t been in a kitchen for a long time so had forgot much about it, but I thanked him anyway and eat my sandwich, in his defence it was the best sandwich I had had in a long time. It wasn’t long before Thomas came home and entered the kitchen. I noticed something was different about him; he was wearing a school football jacket.
“Have a nice day at school?” I asked him playing casual.
“Mum! Dad! I made the school’s football team!” Thomas said excitedly, I jumped up from my chair and gave him a big bear hug.
“Well done, We’re so proud of you” I said.
“Congratulations son, not too shabby. I’m proud of you. You know I used to hit the gym a lot after I met your mother, if you want I can train you a bit.” Mick offered. Thomas jumped at the chance and they went into the back garden to use the weights. Looking at the clock I noticed the girls would be home soon so started dinner, because of everyone’s eating habits I had to make two vegetarian meals and four roast chicken meals.
I was still cooking when Daisy, Rosie and Lee came home from school, so we didn’t start eating till later. Thomas and Mick were all sweaty when I called them over from their workouts, Thomas looked like he had enjoyed himself and Mick looked exhausted.
“I must tell him to pace himself next time, he’s not as young as he used to be” I thought.
The meal went well, we talked about many things what Thomas wanted to do when he graduated, he was a senior now, and needed to think about his future, and we also talked about Rosie and Daisy’s birthday, they told us about the things their friends had brought, Rosie was more popular so had gotten more presents than Daisy but I made a point that they had to share their gifts.
When everyone had finished eating I was extremely pleased every plate looked like it was licked clean and everyone thanked me gratefully for the perfect meal. I decided it was time that Daisy and Rosie blew out the candles on their cakes. I sneaked off inside and place two cakes on the table and placed the candles I called everyone in and watched Daisy and Rosie blow the candles out.
I gave them the presents I brought. Rosie loved her pink mini skirt and Daisy loved her black top. Then we all grabbed a slice of cake and munched on it happily. The girls looked so mature after their birthdays and it worried me, I remembered looking in the mirror at their age and thinking how mature I looked, and then looked what happened to me, I got in the wrong crowd and lost touch with my mother. I just hoped the girls wouldn’t be as wild as I was.
We then went into the front room and watched a movie Rosie had gotten as a present from one of her friends. When I looked at the clock when the film finished it was 10.30pm so I rushed the kids to bed, they still had school in the morning. After I made sure their lights were off me and Mick went to bed too.
I woke up the next day to an empty bed.
“Hello? Mick where are you?” I asked looking around. I looked at my clock, it was 9.30am. I jumped out the bed. My alarm hadn’t gone off and I had over slept, the kids were going to be late for school and I hadn’t even done any breakfast. I ran out the bedroom door and down the stairs.
I ran into the kitchen to see Mick placing two plates on the table with a single rose.
“Happy birthday Sweetie” Mick said.
“Aww thank you but I need to get the breakfast for the kids ready and take them to school” I said, I felt guilty for having to do the meal Mick had made looked amazing.
“Don’t worry I have already taken care of it, it is your birthday and I want you to relax” He replied. I gave him a light kiss and looked at the food, it all look so delicious. I sat down to eat and noticed a book on the table.
“Is that my latest book?” I asked.
“Yes it arrived this morning, so I brought it in for you.” Mick replied.
“Aww thanks, this is all so romantic, and sweet” I said, giving Mick another kiss. I sat down with Mick and we ate the breakfast he had made. It tasted delicious and afterwards we spent most of our time talking. After a few hours talking Mick had to go to Eugi’s to work on the bar so I got washed and dressed, then spent some time penning a new book.  At about 5pm I got a text message from Mick, Get to Bridgeport Acres. It’s an emergency. I quickly saved my work and logged off the computer running out I called for a taxi and made my way to Bridgeport Acres.
When I arrived I saw Mick and ran over.
“What’s wrong? What’s the emergency?” I asked, getting into a panic.
“Follow me and find out” Mick said, I looked at him curiously but when he walked off I followed him.
We seemed to be walking to the centre of the park but I still had no idea what was going on. Then I saw, it the stage, there was lights and I saw some people moving. As we got closer I realised it was the kids, but what was they doing. I climbed the steps of the stage and they gave me a big group hug. I looked behind them and saw a buffet table, candles and a cake.
“The kids wanted to do something special for your birthday, so while you thought I was at the bar I was helping the children with this.” Mick said and to the grossed out looks on my kids’ faces I gave Mick a big wet kiss.
“Now let’s dig in.” I said.
We all gathered around the buffet table and sat down with our food. Everyone tucked into their food and I was so proud of my family, they didn’t have to do this for me but they did and I loved them for it.
After the meal everyone was eager for me to blow out the candles on my cake. So I got up and everyone sang happy birthday to me.
“Hey mum, don’t forget to make a wish, or the birthday fairy won’t know what to get you.” Rosie said.
I looked at Rosie, my special girl, was she being serious or joking? I couldn’t tell so I just blew my candles out.
That was that after I blew the candles out, I officially became 70 years old, and boy did I feel it. I noticed how dark it was and suggested we pack up the food and have Mick drive us home. I was tired and was starting to long for my bed. We headed home and I put away the leftovers before going to bed. Everyone insisted in doing it for me but I demanded that I would clean up after what they had all done for me. As I was putting the cake away I got a sharp pain in my head and dropped it on the floor, I rubbed my forehead to make the pain go away and tried to salvage any cake left.
When I was finished I headed to my study. I was worried about that sharp pain I got, now I was older I thought I better write a will encase anything happened. I had to decide which one of my children would be my heir and inherit my estate and I had to decide on what I would leave my other children. It was very hard to come to a decision but I eventually got there, I emailed my will to my lawyers and logged off my computer.
I decided to go straight to bed. As I climbed the steps my head became dizzy and when I reached the top step I got another sharp pain. I let go of the banister and grabbed my head. I groaned as the pain subsided.
“What the hell’s wrong?” I thought.
I got another sharp stabbing pain and list my balance. I let out a scream as I fell backwards.
When I hit the ground at the bottom of the stairs my body felt paralysed. My vision started to blur and then very slowly started to go black while my body grew cold.

~End of Chapter~


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