Chapter 14: Trouble in Paradise, Part 3

*7 Months Later*
I sat on the floor with Rosie and helped her catch up with her homework. She wasn’t as smart as her twin, Daisy, and often fell far behind in her class so I always took time to give her some extra help. I had to really think hard when helping her it had been so long since I had been at school I had mostly forgotten what I was taught. When I finished helping Rosie I told them to go outside as it was Thomas’ birthday and I wanted him to blow out the candles on his cake before he spent the day with his friends like he planned to. I slowly got up and wobbled towards the door no one had noticed I was pregnant as I was trying to keep it a secret. Whenever I was around people I made sure to snack on some junk food and I always made myself bigger portions of food for dinner, even if I didn’t eat it all it appeared as if all the food was making me put on weight.
I wobbled towards the door my joints killing me as I walked, being older and having a baby was worse on my body then I thought it would be. I heard a knock on the door as I got closer and answered it. Michael stood on the other side with some woman in red behind him.
“What are you doing here? Who’s your new girlfriend?” I asked, putting a hand on my tummy.
“I came to tell you I was leaving Bridgeport and this is my sister. I know our friendship has had a rocky ending but I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye.” Michael replied.
“Where are you going to go?” I asked.
“I’m moving back to Sunset Valley. My sister, Bella has had a child and I want to be around while she grows up. I’m telling everyone I was away at university I would prefer to forget about my marriage here.” Michael said. He looked down at my hand on my tummy, and I quickly removed it.
“I suppose it’s not like you have anything keeping you here. I wish you the best of luck, just stay away from crazy blondes in the future, ok” I said. Michael chuckled at the last comment and we shared a quick hug before he left with his sister.
I gathered my senses and went into the backyard. When I saw Holly my heart dropped she was having a conversation with Mick and I saw her constantly laughing and putting her hand on his arm flirting with him. I was angrier at Mick how could he go along with that disgrace in front of our children. I reminded myself of the promise I made myself while in the church when I was only one month pregnant, Mick had until the pregnancy was up or he would be thrown out my house, and with only one month left I was worried that Mick just might have to be kicked out.
When I entered the through the gate Thomas wasted no time running to blow out the candles on his cake he had a full day with his two best friends, Jake and Jupiter planned ahead and now I was there he could get the plans rolling. We all gathered round while Thomas blew out his candles, but Holly was rude and just stayed seated I knew she was doing it to tick me off but I stood my ground and tried not to let her rudeness make me punch her in the face and start a scene in front of the children.
When Thomas finally became a teenager I was presently surprised to see how attractive he had grown up to be, he definitely inherited most of my genes. When he turned around he spotted Jupiter Belle walking over so went over to the gate with Jake to leave for the day. I called them and stopped them from leaving and wobbled over.
“Aren’t you forgetting anything?” I said folding my arms and tapping my foot sarcastically.
“Oh yeah, Mum can I have my birthday money now?” He asked.
“You’re forgetting something else, I want you to take your sisters with you. They stay copped up inside this house all the time they need to go out and explore the world.” I said.
“But mum! That’s so dry they crush my style” Thomas winged in response.
“Don’t be using slang on me, now you are taking your sisters with you or don’t you want your pocket money?” I questioned. Thomas started to blush I was embarrassing him in front of his friends, but I knew it’d make him take his sisters with him.
“Ok, fine! Daisy and Rosie can come with me, can you just give me the money and stop embarrassing me?” Thomas pleaded.
“I’m your mother I can never stop embarrassing you, now don’t feel that you don’t have to get some new clothes or a haircut, it might be your style but you look a bit ridiculous” I said handing Thomas the money.
“Don’t worry Mrs Temple, I’ll make sure Thomas has a makeover.” Jupiter said smiling. Thomas collected his sisters and they all left for the city in Jupiter’s car.
After they left I got a sharp pain in my stomach. I couldn’t help but moan and clutch my tummy. I knew the feeling all too well, I was in labour and I was a month early. Mick and Holly came over to investigate what was going on.
“You know they say period pains are worse off on larger woman” Holly said cruelly joking at my pain. But Mick didn’t seem to agree with her.
“Are you ok?” He asked.
“I'm  fine, don’t mind me I’m just in labour and about to have a baby but apart from that I’m just peachy” I said gritting my teeth from the pain.
“Pregnant? You? Oh please, you’re just trying to get some attention tubby” Holly replied.
“Quit it Holly! Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?” Mick asked getting frustrated.
“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE HAVING AN AFFAIR?” I screamed at Mick, he stood back shocked. I could see in his eyes he look sorry. I didn’t mean to scream at him but I was just so sick and tired of the lies.
“So what if we have been having an affair? He’s not buying your act, we know you’re not really pregnant” Holly said coldly.
“Will you shut-up Holly! Look what you’ve made me do, I’ve turned my back on my own family, why the hell am I with you, I can’t blame Charice for what she’s done, but I have to try to make an amends, Holly we are through.” Mick said. Holly stood taken back by what Mick said. I watched as she walked away from us.
“I hope you two go straight to hell” She screamed back at us.
I got another sharp pain and grabbed Mick’s arm. He looked at me confused for a moment then gathered his senses and guided me to the car. I got in and we sat in silence as he drove me to the hospital. He rushed ahead and let them know I was early. A nurse came out with a wheelchair and helped me into it. She wheeled me to a delivery room and Mick waited with me while the nurse went to get a doctor.
I lied in the bed and looked at Mick.
“There’s something important I need to tell you” I said.
“No, don’t say anything. Preserve your energy anything you need to say can be said after you give birth to our child.” Mick said, he gave me a comforting smile and I lay back down and focused on my breathing. The doctor came in and told me there where taking precautions because of my age and the baby being early he was going to perform a caesarean on me.
After the ordeal with the childbirth was over I awoke I my bed to the sight of a very upset Mick looking at me. I leaned up and looked to my right in the hospital’s crib was a baby boy, a very light skinned baby boy. I realised by now that Mick had figured out that I must have slept with someone else. I looked over at him and he caught my gaze.
“How could you do this to me? Whos the father? I’m going to kill him” He said, tears rolling down his face.
“How could I? How could you? You started the affair before I became pregnant this is all your fault not mine. Your actions have consequences so don’t try to push the blame on me.” I said going red with anger, with all the cheek, how could he say something like that to me?
“Please explain to me how this is all my fault, elaborate the story so I can come to an understanding” Mick said.
“I saw you kiss Holly. I watched as you ran into the burning house to save her. I was so scared that you’d die I didn’t want to lose you and while I was worrying about your welfare, what did you? You made out with her on our front lawn. I was angry and I wanted to get back at you so I seduced and slept with Michael.” I said explaining.
“You silly woman, Holly kissed me. If you confronted me like a normal person this would probably have turned out differently.” Mick replied getting frustrated.
“I saw you kiss her back. You know what? I have no idea why I’ve been hiding my pregnancy and why I even left you time to come back to me, it’s obvious you no longer love me. I should have just kicked you out of my house a long time ago.” I replied.
Just then I heard someone start sarcastically clapping, I looked over and saw Holly she walked over and it took me a while to realise she had a gun in her hand, my heart started to skip beats. Mick didn’t look at her until she finally spoke.
“Well well Charice, aren’t you the dramatic one? Not only did you steal Mick from me but you also stole my husband.” Holly said, giving me a really deranged evil look.
I leapt out of bed and moved in between her and the crib to protect the newborn baby. Mick also stood up shocked from the sight.
“I haven't stolen anyone from you" I said.
"BULLSHIT!" Holly screamed.
"Please Holly don’t do anything stupid” I pleaded.
“I want to make you pay, both of you” Holly said holding the gun she moved her arm and aimed for me.
“You’ve stolen both men I have ever loved, me and Mick were going to get a house and start a family it was going to be perfect” Holly said, tears running down her face smudging her makeup.
“Holly I never said anything about that, you’re crazy” Mick said.
“NO! You love me and we are going to be together, I know what I must do so we can finally be one” Holly said looking at Mick.
“Holly, what are you going to do?” I asked.
Before I could get an answer there was a bright flash as Holly fired the gun.

~End of Chapter~


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