Chapter 13: Trouble in Paradise, Part 2

I stood and watched in horror at the sight of my husband making out with my best friend. I screamed and chucked the phone against the wall smashing it.
“So that bitch thinks she can seduce my husband well I’ll show her two can play at that game” I said growling.
I ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs.
When I got in my room I pulled open the top drawer of my dresser and took off my wedding ring and stuffed it at the back of the drawer. I looked in the mirror.
“If I want to seduce someone I need to change my look” I said, grabbing some lingerie and make-up. I got changed and put on my trench coat to cover my body.
I went downstairs and saw Mick and Holly in the front room, so I hid round the corner and waited. When they weren’t looking I sneaked past and exited the house. I opened the garage door and went inside. I got out my phone and dialled Michael’s number.
“Charice I’ve made up my mind nothing you can say will bring me back to Holly I’m sorry” Michael said.
“I know, I just wanted to make sure you’re ok. Why don’t you tell me where you are? I want to check on you. I promise I won’t tell Holly were you are.” I replied
There was a pause before Michael replied “Fine. I’m staying in the garage at Beachfront Apartments a work college of mine is letting me stay here.”
I climbed in my car and drove off without catching Mick or Holly’s attention. When I got to the apartments I saw the garage so pulled over next to it when I got out I saw a door so knocked on it and waited.
“Doors open” Michael called from the other side.
I walked in and looked around; the place was very shabby and not well kept.
“Wow, this place is... cool” I said walking over to Michael who nervously stood up.
“Just what do you want here?” Michael asked.
“Well...” I said, walking closer to Michael. “... I’ve notice the ways you’ve looked at me before and thought we needed to do something about it”
“What? I I haven’t, you know, I” Michael stammered going red
“Don’t worry I know how to fix that” I said with a sly smile.
I slowly unbuttoned my trench coat and threw it across the room.
“No this is wrong, your married, I’m still married this is bad” Michael said getting worried
I grabbed Michael’s hand and pulled him close.
“Well then I’m a very bad girl. I guess I need a spanking” I said, purring the last bit.
I guided Michael to the bed and pushed him on it before stripping him to his boxers.  I climbed onto the bed and leant over and kissed him.
“You’re a very bad girl, Mrs. Temple” Michael said, with a grin.
I laughed and started to mount him...
...In the morning I woke up facing Michael’s peaceful sleeping face. I had almost forgotten what it felt like waking up next to someone, it had been so long since me and Mick had shared a bed. I looked around for my clothes, my bra was hanging from the end of the bed, my knickers were hanging from window seal and my trench coat was on the floor in the kitchen. I grabbed my underwear and took my phone from my trench coat. I put my underwear back on before lying back down in bed next to Michael. I pulled his arm around and holding my phone above me I took a picture of me and Michael in bed together.
I removed Michael’s arm from me and pulled my trench coat on before grabbing my shoes from the end of the bed and put them on.
“Thanks for the fun night Michael, I know two people who are going to love my picture” I said with an evil grin. I left the garage chuckling to myself. I climbed into my car and drove home.
When I got home Mick ran to me and pulled me into a tight hug.
“Charice you’re ok. I was so worried about you; I haven’t been able to sleep.” Mick said. I was confused if he kissed Holly last night why was he all over me today. Then I saw the kids behind him in the front room, it had to be an act.
“What about Holly?” I asked, just saying her name was making me sick.
“She’s just sat there and not said a word, I think she’s really broken up about Michael leaving her” Mick replied.
“That’s not what I meant” I said bitterly under my breath.
“What? Did you say something?” Mick asked looking at me.
“No, but I’m going to go upstairs, I want to change” I replied.
I started to walk away but Mick put his hand on my shoulder.
“Do you want me to take your coat?” Mick asked.
“No!” I said pulling away. “I mean, No I’m fine with my coat I’ll just put it away upstairs”
Mick looked at me suspiciously so I tried to smile before running up the steps.
I entered my room and took off my coat chucking it onto the foot of the bed. I grabbed my dressing gown, hanging on the back of the door, wrapped it around me and sat down on the edge of my bed. I looked at the picture of my mother.
“Oh mum, what should I do? I feel terrible. What if Mick isn’t putting on a show? What if he really was worried about me? What if he doesn’t love Holly but loves me? If it’s true and he does still love me then what I did with Michael was... Oh mum I can’t even think about. Please tell me what to do” I almost cried as I said the last bit.
My train of thought was disrupted when my phone went off. I looked at my phone it was a reminder telling me it was the twins’ birthday today. I jumped up and got dressed. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten I had spent weeks planning a beach party to celebrate.
I went downstairs. Thomas and Jake was still playing with Thomas’s gamming console and the twins were happily playing on the floor. I pulled Mick aside so the kids couldn’t hear.
“Do you remember what day it is today?” I whispered tilting my head in the twins’ direction.
“Oh my gosh. I had forgotten all about their birthday what with everything going on. Do you think it’ll be a good thing to continue their beach party?” Mick asked.
“Of course. It’ll be the best for everyone, especially the kids, they need something good to happen now in their lives with all this negativity going on” I said.
“Come on kids we’re going to the beach” Mick said turning around to face the kids, he was trying to act excited but you could tell he wasn’t.
To my pleasure Holly decided to stay at home. I didn’t want her at my children’s birthday party now. The first of the guests started to arrive just after we finished setting up. I saw Jupiter Belle had arrived so greeted him, he and Thomas were good friends when Jupiter was still in elementary school. I asked the typical mum questions like how he was doing at school, what his hobbies were, how he was settling in at his new school. I felt kind of bad for him, I saw his face light up when I asked him those questions, I suppose when your mum’s the most famous person in Bridgeport you rarely get asked these kind of questions. After a while I let Jupiter continue with the party and I watched him hit the dance floor.
A lot of people had turned up and I saw two women from the local paparazzi there, but Micca Belli was with them so I knew she’d keep them in line. One of them was questioning Mick about his role on the show ‘Doctors’, and the other was admiring the party. Everyone was enjoying themselves I was shocked to see some other celebrities had turned up to give gifts to the twins’ Micca must have arranged it all, she was a good agent and a good friend to the family.
I looked at the clock on my phone and noticed the time. I called Mick over and we decided it was time for the twins to blow out their candles. We carried them over to their cakes and everyone was excited the entire party guests gathered round. Some guest pulled out party horns and noise makers while some cheered and clapped their hands. I lighted the candles and the girls blew them out.
The girls looked so beautiful aged up in their matching party dresses and matching plats. The girls immediately ran to the dance floor and started dancing together. Me and Mick joined them watching with pride. Thomas and a couple of girls also danced too. About 5pm the guests started to leave everyone congratulated and came up to me before leaving to tell me how much fun they had at the party. I was so pleased.
When we got home the girls were very tired from their long day.
“Ok girls I have on last birthday surprise for you, I’ve moved your bedroom downstairs. I had builders in and put in the bedroom while we were out. It’s much bigger then what your room originally was. So go get ready for bed and I’ll come tuck you into your new beds.” I said, the girls excitedly looked at each other and ran down the steps.
I went into the kitchen and slipped my tracks and jumper back on over my bikini to hide my body from the cold air in the house. I went downstairs to the girls’ room.
They were changed and sitting on their beds.
“Now I know your room isn’t the greatest so while I take you two shopping I’ll have an interior designer come in and do your room. I don’t want what happened when I originally decorated your brother’s room to happen with you two.” I explained.
“What happened with Thomas?” Daisy asked,
“Who cares didn’t you hear mum we get to go shopping” Rosie interrupted.
“Your brother didn’t like it and he got very sad with mummy so mummy had to redecorate his room again.” I said, I handed out a piece of paper and pen to Daisy and Rosie, “before you go to bed I want you to write a list of what things and colours you want in this room, you can have whatever you want”
“Thank-you mummy” The girls said in unison. I wished them a good night and left the room.
I climbed the stairs and decided to get ready for bed. After I got changed I went to the balcony and pour myself some fresh lemonade, and watched the sunset.
“What should I do about Mick?” I thought to myself, “He definitely acted closer to me today but then again he is a really good actor, maybe it was just an act for the paparazzi.” I sat there and as the stars started to appear I decided to talk with Mick when I got back from the shopping trip with the girls’ the next day, I didn’t want to ruin the girls’ day.
The next day I made the kids waffles with syrup for breakfast and they stuffed it down happily.
“Are you girls ready for our girly trip to the shops?” I asked
“So excited, I’m going to look like a princess” Rosie said between mouthfuls.
“How come I don’t get to go shopping for new clothes?” Thomas complained
“Because you have school and the shopping trip is part of the twins’ birthday present” I said. The kids continued their breakfast and then got dressed and ready to go out.
Thomas was complaining in the car all the way to school.
“Look I’ll make a deal with you, on your birthday I’ll give you my credit card and you can go shopping with your friends, you can even choose your limit now if you like” I said.
“Ok then and my limit’s §2,000, I’m twelve not stupid” Thomas said as I pulled up in front of the school, he jumped out and ran inside. I watched him go in safely then drove to the salon.
I arrived at the salon and told the girls to sit in the waiting area. I went up to the front desk and was greeted by the receptionist.
“Hello Mrs. Temple, my names Tami, How can I help you today?” The receptionist said. I still felt a little bit of pride whenever people recognised me from papers or knew who I was.
“Hello Tami, my daughters had their birthday yesterday and I said they can get makeovers today” I said.
“Oh yeqah the newspapers said you spent a lot of money on the party you must be a really good mother, unfortunately there’s a queue so you have to wait” Tami said, she looked around before leaning forward. “I’ll see if I can get you ahead of the queue because of your status” She whispered.
I thanked the receptionist and sat with the girls in the waiting area.
“So, do you know what you want?” I asked excitedly,
“I want to look like a princess, and I want all my clothing in pink, I’m going to look super cute mummy” Rosie said sounding just as excited as I was.
She was shaking in her chair with anticipation. I looked over at Daisy but her head seemed to be else where, she wasn’t excited like Rosie was.
“What’s wrong Daisy are you not looking forward to a makeover?” I asked concerned.
“Oh no I’m looking forward to it. Mum do you think we can go over to the butterfly sanctuary after this? I want to see all the different colours the butterflies are” Daisy said.
Rosie stuck up her nose at the idea and stuck out her tongue at the thought of it, but I thought it sounded fun so agreed. Daisy was happy and went back to staring at the wall with a stupid grin on her face.
We didn’t have to wait long till the receptionist came over to tell us the stylist was ready to see us. As Rosie wanted the makeover more than daisy did I allowed her to get most of the stylist’s attention while I helped Daisy. I tried really hard for Daisy to pick nice girly shoes and pretty dresses but she kept picking wellies and combat shorts.
In the end I thought Daisy looked pretty with her little braided hair and puffy baby blue jacket, and I was most shocked when I saw Rosie’s makeover she looked so girly in all her pink and she had the prettiest shoes I had ever seen but her hair she shouldn’t have put highlights in it that was too much. Then all of a sudden the room started to spin and I felt dizzy before I knew it I was passing out on the shop floor, the girls didn’t know what to do, Daisy just stood petrified and wide eyed and Rosie wasn’t sure what was going on.
The next thing I knew I was waking up in a white room with a doctor over me.
“Where am I?” I said panicking
“Don’t worry you are at Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital, I am Dr. Naraz” the doctor said.
“What happened? Where are my children?” I said starting to get up.
Dr. Naraz put a hand on my shoulder and steadied me.
“Your husband Mick Temple has already picked them up they had quite a shock so I told him to take them home, whereas what happened you blacked out at the salon and fell on the floor, now if it is ok with you I’d just like to run some quick simple test to see what cause it, but first you need to tell me if anything hurts” Dr Naraz said checking my eyes for vitals.
“Just the side of my head, sure test are ok I suppose, and the kids are fine?” I said.
“Looks like a bump probably from your fall doesn’t look to serious but well do a scan make sure nothings broken, and yes your kids are fine just a little worried about you, well Rosie I think her name was, was more worried she’d have to go shopping with her dad in the future” Dr. Naraz replied. I chuckled at let Dr. Naraz check my head for anymore bumps. She handed me a hospital robe.
“Would you mind getting changed for me, sorry its hospital procedure, I’ll wait outside for you to change.
I picked up the robe and got changed I pulled my phone out of my pocket luckily it survied the fall and I called home, to check on the kids and tell them I was ok. After I settled the kids down Dr. Naraz walked back and waited for me to get off the phone.
“I’m sorry but you can’t use your mobile phone next time you need to use a landline sometimes mobile phones interfer with the equipment” Dr Naraz said so I quickly switche it off and out it away. She did some more tests and took some of my blood for testing.
“I want to do a quick scan of your body, your not pregnant are you?” Dr. Naraz asked. I laughed.
“Well I’m a bit passed it for that” I said chuckling.
Dr. Naraz smiled with me and took me to the scanning room. Afterwards I went back in her room and got changed. She asked me to wait outside and said she’d come and get me when she gets my results.
I waited for what seemed hours before Dr. Naraz called me back into her room.
“Everything seems to be fine from the fall no broken bones or fractures or tissues damage just the bump on your head and even that’s not serious it’ll go in a day or two, but the scan showed something else in your body and I think I may have found what caused you to black out” Dr. Naraz said. She gave me a minute before telling me the news. I was shocked when she told me what she had found, a tear even began to roll down my cheek.
“... and because of your age, we are worried about the outcome.” Dr. Naraz explained. I sat in silent my face had gone pale and I felt sick.
“Do you want me to book you another appointment in a few days, to give you time to let the news sink in and then we can speak about your options, you can even bring your husband along if you need to” Dr. Naraz offered. I nodded my head and she booked me an appoint for the next week. I stood up quietly shook Dr. Naraz’s hand and left.
I phoned for a taxi from the front desk and waited. When it arrived I told it to take me straight home as the taxi drove I noticed the church where me and Mick got married the outside had changed a little but it was the same place. I asked the driver to pull over and leave me at the church. He pulled over and I paid him with an extra tip.
I entered the church, it still looked exactly the same on the inside. I walked up the aisle and remembered the day i married Mick. We had promised to love each other forever and to be one for the rest of our lives that day. How had it all fallen apart since then? I sat down and watched a nun playing the church organs. She looked up and saw me she came over and asked to sit next to mine I nodded and she sat down.
“Why are you so sad my child?” the nun asked.
“Well I think my husband’s having an affair with my best friends and I slept with her husband” I said, saying out loud made me more depressed, my life sounded horrible.
“There’s something else your not saying? In life when we tell people are troubles even a stranger or a nun we feel a little bit better, so what wrong?” the nun asked again. I sighed a told the nun what the doctor told me.

~To be Continued~


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