Chapter 11: Home Sweet Home

It was about midday when I was sitting in my cubical at work writing an article on the upcoming election of Finlay Traytor and John Cain, when I got a message from my boss to see her. Since Caroline skipped town to live abroad, or so everyone else thought, Johanna King was promoted and had taken over Caroline’s old job. She was ruthless and hardworking. I hated her, she was a difficult boss to like. I left my cubical and headed for her office. I walked up to the door and knocked.

“Enter” Johanna called from inside the office. I slumped my feet and dragged myself into the room.

“Well don’t just stand there, take a seat. Hurry up, time is money” Johanna called. Oh how I hated her, trying to make everyone feel like they were in high school again.

I sat down and Johanna began her speech.

“Charice, A business is like a grandfather clock. All the clogs need to be working together in order for it to function properly, and if a clog is faulty and has too many sick leaves or days off it stops functioning properly and causes the rest of the clock not to function properly. Do you know what you are Charice? I will tell you, you are a faulty clog.” Johanna droned on and on, and soon I found myself losing interest and blocked out the rest of her speech.

“So now what?” I asked when she stopped speaking.

“Was you not listening to me? I said your fired” Johanna remarked.

“To be honest Johanna, listening to you speak is very similar to trying to get my 3 year old son to eat all of his vegetables, it’s a long and pointless process that leaves you disapointed and bored out of your brains. Bye-bye Johanna” I replied before getting out my chair, then exiting the room, then exiting the building.

I went straight home and told Mick what had happened.
“But what about the bills, my wages and Holly and Michael’s rent won’t cover it. I suppose I could ask for a promotion at work, but what are you going to do.” Mick asked, more upset about the mess than me.
“I’m glad she fired me, I hated working there, and this allows me to get back on track with my dream, to be a writer. All the experience I have had at the newspaper and being a celebrity will help me get connections I wouldn’t have been able to get before, and plus I get to spend more time around the house, with all the extra hours I had to put in to meet deadlines I felt like I was never around.” I said, kneeling down.
“We can’t be negative today, not on our special guy’s birthday” I continued to say as I gave Thomas a big hug.
“Ok then, I hope you are right, do you mind taking Rosie off me I have to get ready for work. I’ll let Holly know you're home.” Mick said. He handed me Rosie at the same time the door bell went. Mick answered the door before heading upstairs, it was Micca Belli, my agent.

She ran into the front room and gave me the most worrying look I had ever seen.
“I just heard the news about you being fired, I got a tip off while at a Charity auction. I came as quick as I could.” She said
“Don’t worry, I’m fine about it” I said.
“Oh, well as long as you're fine, you can tell me what the hell you plan on doing now. Being fired from a job might be nothing when you’re a nobody, but when you’re a somebody, a celebrity it means a lot.” Micca said, getting flustered. “so what are you planning on doing now so I can try and put a spin on the situation?” she asked more calmly.
“I was planning on staying at home more with my children and as for a career I was going to pursue my dream of being a writer.” I answered.
“That’s perfect! Charice leaves job to focus more on family values, and to accomplish her childhood dream. I like it, it’s inspirational. We’ll get some photos of you and your family, thank the watcher your kids are beautiful, some celebrites round here have the most ugliest babies. Don’t worry I’ll make sure that message reaches the magazines and newspapers instead of the story about you being fired for being lazy. You need to head over to the town hall right now and register yourself as one of the towns local writers.” Micca said, a bit more at ease.

I asked Holly to watch the kids while I went to the town hall to register as a writer. I was surprised at how many people looked at me, they were excited, especially the receptionist.
“O.M.W! You’re Charice, I’m such a fan, and can I say just WOW you leaving your job to pursue your childhood dreams and to focus more on your family is inspirational I wish my mother was more like you.” She said. I looked at her a bit confused for a second. How did she know about that? Then I noticed a magazine in front of her with an article about me. “Wow, she’s amazing” I thought, Micca had definitely spread the word quickly. I looked at the receptionist's nametag that said Becky.
“Erm, Becky” I said, the receptionist gave a little squeal before I continued. “You look like a smart girl. I want to register as a local writer, but I want to do it quickly, you know jump through any loop holes that might usually be there, do you think you can help me?”
Becky looked a little unsure. “We’ll I’m not supposed to do this but as I’m such a fan I’ll do it just this once, you need to see Cathy of recourses, on the fifth floor, but make sure you fill this form out before going and tell her Becky sent you about that favour, she owes me one for introducing her to her fiancĂ©” Becky said. She looked around before slipping a form off the top of a pile and handing it to me. I filled it out and saw Cathy who reluctantly helped me, and after a few hours I had sweet talked my way through the system, and left as one of Bridgeport’s most noticeable writers.

When I got home I prepared for Thomas’s birthday I decided it was going to be just family with Holly and Michael. I lured Thomas away from his room so I could redecorate it without him knowing. I wanted tonight to be smart and started on making a posh meal in the kitchen when I was had finished decorating his room. When everyone had come home from work I put the twins down for a nap, so we could start on our dinner I had set up a table outside as it was bigger and would fit us all. The food tasted amazing and most importantly Thomas loved it, when everyone finished I picked Thomas up so he could blow out his candles. Everyone cheered, Mick and I were the most excited for him, he blew them out and it was like he changed right in front of my eyes, I no longer saw him as a small toddler but as a child, I felt he was growing up so fast.

We went inside and Thomas opened his presents, me and Mick had mostly gotten him new clothes as he had outgrown everything else, but Holly and Michael brought him a brand new gaming console. He wanted to play it right away but I told him it was time for bed. I was excited to see his reaction about his room, I had spent a lot of time decorating it. “How do you like your new room?” I asked.
“I hate it. I hate jungle themes it’s for babies.” Thomas said angrily.
“Don’t be so rude, Mummy worked really hard on this.” I said.
“But mummy I don’t like it” He whinned.
“Just get changed and go to bed” I yelled before storming out the room. I felt really sad and went straight to bed.

The next day I woke up early and made breakfast I was still hurt about what Thomas had said to me but it was his first day of school and I wanted to be there for him. I creeped into his room and found a cute outfit for him to wear and layed it at the end of his bed before waking him up.
“Get dressed and come out for breakfast then I can drop you off at school” I said. I tended to the girls while Thomas got ready, and went out to the car, Mick had sold his car and brought I more family friendly one, I hated the colour and was having someone over that day to change it. When Thomas came out to the car he was wearing a different outfit to the one I picked.
“What happened to the outfit I picked out for you? It was smart” I asked
“I didn’t like it, I'm too old for giraffe shorts and pola bear t-shirts” Thomas replied. I was hurt again by his negative comments and I drove to the school. When we arrived I turned to Thomas before he left.
“Why do you think I’m a bad mother?” I asked.
“I didn’t think that” Tomas replied.
“Then what was wrong with all the stuff I picked out for you?” I asked
“I just don’t like it. I like sporty stuff. Am I going to be late now?” Thomas replied.
I shook my head and let Thomas leave before driving home.

“When I got home Rosie was crying so I quickly checked on her before she woke her sister, but all she wanted was a bit of attention it was what Rosie always wanted, so I gave her a little attention and she settled again and went back to sleep. I sneaked out off the room and went to my study, at the back of the house. I decided to write a children book first being a mother to toddlers was apparently the only thing I was good at. While I was writing I kept being bugged by the thought that maybe I should redo Thomas’s room for him, after all it was supposed to be a birthday present so it should be something he likes. I went online and ordered some new furniture and toys, I paid the extra costs for a same day delivery.

The delivery men dropped it off and when they found out who I was they were more than happy to help carry the old furniture out from Thomas’s room and put the new stuff in for me. I even offered to pay extra for them to get rid of old furniture but they did it for free. So I happily went back in and fixed the room up and put in some last minute touches. I didn’t hear the door open so I was still busy when Thomas walked in his room.

“WOW! Mum this is amazing” Thomas said giving me the biggest hug ever.
“I’m so sorry for being mean I didn’t mean to” He said
“Thank-you I’m so glad you’re not mad with me. How was your first day at school?” I asked.
“Well my teacher Mrs. Matthews taught us about poverty and gave us homework on it, we also had to do drawings as well. I also met loads of new people they all like me.” Thomas said handing me his drawing, I was so proud of him.
“Do you want help with your homework?” I asked. He nodded his head and we sat down on the floor in his new room and did his homework. I was really interested about poverty and felt sorry for all the poor kids. I wanted to do something.

So after I finished I went online and found out some more information most kids were being put into foster or care homes. I printed off the information and got ready for when Mick came home. We had allowed Holly and Michael to use part of our land to make a guest home and they had finally finished it and we were heading over to see it. As soon as Mick came home he headed over there.
“I spoke to my boss about a promotion today he said he’ll look into it before giving me one” Mick said as we walked.
“That’s amazing, I have news too but I’ll wait till later to tell it.” I said. We knocked on the door to the quest house and Michael opened the door.
“Come in” he said with a broad smile.

We went inside and sat down. The place looked amazing they had worked really hard and it showed, the place was really modern and clean looking.
“There’s a spare room on the other side of the bathroom, we don’t know what to do with it. We were thinking maybe another bedroom encase a future guest has a child” Holly said.
“Or for when you two have your own child” Mick remarked jokingly.
“Actually Mick, I can’t have kids there was a problem with my womb when I was younger it has stopped me from conceiving.” Holly said, killing the mood. The room went totally quiet and no one knew what to say.
“So Charice you said you had some news” Mick said wanting to get out of the situation.
“Oh yes, me and Mick are going to adopt a child.” I said excitedly
“No we are not! Don’t you think we have enough kids as it is, and where would we put the poor child. What about expenses we just about manage as it is” Mick said butting in.
“You know what this place looks great but me and Mick should be heading home, it’s late and we need to be up early, thank you for showing us around the place, it looks great.” I said grabbing Mick's arm and leading him towards the door I dragged him back to the house.

I leaned into the front room and told Thomas to go to bed. I watched Thomas go to his room then I turned on Mick.
“Do you have to be so selfish? and do you have to embarrass me in front of our friends?” I yelled.
“I don’t see what the problem is.” Mick argued.
“Well the problem is obvious I want a family and you no longer want one with me. All  I wanted to do was support a child who was worse off than us and bring it into this house for a nice life.” I yelled again.
“We already have a family, or haven’t you noticed you’re always on that damn computer do you even remember your children’s names?” Mick yelled back.
“HOW DARE YOU! I’ve spent more time with our children then you have when was the last time you tucked any of them into bed or made any of them breakfast. Don’t even think about going to bed with me tonight you can sleep on the sofa for the formidable future and if you do try to sleep in our bed, you won’t have to worry about having more kids because I’ll make sure you won’t be able to make any” I screamed stomping upstairs.
“Fine!” Mick screamed and stomped into the living room.

I slammed my bedroom door and climbed into bed. Mick hadn’t made his side of the bed. “He’s an arse if he thinks I’m going to clean his side of the bed the lazy idiot can do it himself.” I muttered to myself before turning over and switching the light off. I went to sleep very grumpy that night.

The next day was the twins’ birthday; Mick and I totally ignored each other. I went outside and started to put out balloons I decided to throw a party, now that Thomas was at school we could invite some other kids over. I was shocked when I saw Holly, she wasn’t wearing her normal bad girl scruffy clothes but was wearing a nice red summer top with a pair of jeans with some red comfortable shoes, and her hair was pulled back.
“What’s with the outfit?” I asked.
“Oh nothing I just want to you know, make a good first impression. I’m really nervous.” Holly replied. We talked some more about the guest house and the money that was spent, Holly was sure she could easily get the money at work seeing as she was head of Bridgeport’s criminal underground and I was her silent partner. We sorted out a system that she could pay so Mick and Michael wouldn't become suspicious of where the money came from.

I hadn’t notice but a black car had pulled up outside the house and a little boy and an adult came out.
“Don’t worry I’ll  greet them” Holly said rushing over before I had time to protest or question her about them I watched as she went over, talked with the man. I wash sure I had seen her sign something before the man got back into the car and left. I thought it was a bit suspicious and when they came over Holly told the boy he was allowed to play. “What’s she not telling me?” I thought.

Before I had a chance to ask I realised it was getting late and neither Rosie nor Daisy had blown out the candles on their cakes. So with Holly’s help we got both Daisy and Rosie to blow out their candles at the same time. I was really excited Rosie and Daisy were now at their age when they started to develop their own personalities and soon they’d be walking and talking. I was so proud.

Thomas loved his little sisters and ignored his friends for a while to play with them. I just had to get my phone out and take pictures of them playing it was adorable. I was proud of Thomas he was a good brother and looked after them well. When the party died down Mick took the children home in the car. I looked over after he had left with the guests and realised the boy that Holly greeted was still here. I went up to Holly to find out why. I followed her to the boy, who was talking to Michael.

“I’d really like to wait for Mick to come back before I explain” Holly pleaded
“Explain what? Holly you haven’t kidnapped this child have you?” I asked, getting worried.
“Ok fine. I’ll explain now. After you and Mick left last night you left your print outs behind of the foster and child care websites. Well me and Michael went through them and decided that adoption was the only option we hadn’t thought about. I have loved your kids like they are my own Charice you know that but they are your kids not mine. I really wanted a child that I could call my own so we decided last night to try adoption we called around and one of the centres decided to give us a week’s trial, If everything turns out fine we can adopt him if that’s ok” Holly said rambling quickly I had a hard time keeping up with her. I was angry with her I wanted to adopt but she had beaten me to it, but I couldn’t disagree with the fact she was giving a child a better home. I looked at the boy and smiled.
“I’m sorry I don’t know your name. What is it?” I asked.
“It’s Jake, miss” he replied. What a polite boy I thought, him and Thomas should hang out hopefully Thomas will learn some better manners.
“Would you like some more cake there is plenty left over” I offered. Jake looked pleased and nodded his head. I went to cut him some cake, I looked over and noticed he was a bit skinny so made his slice a bit larger than I would normally give a child. Michael and Holly wanted to show him around the guest house where he would be staying, looks like they found a reason for the spare room.

When Mick got home we sat in the front room with Thomas sitting between us making sure we were apart. Rosie and Daisy played on the floor, while I told Thomas and Mick about Jake. An hour later I decided it was everyone’s bedtime. I told Thomas to go to bed and asked Mick to help put the twins in their beds.
“Are you coming to bed with me?” I asked Mick.
“No, I’m going to stay downstairs and watch some more TV” Mick replied. I wasn’t surprised he didn’t want to. I guess we still need some space after our argument from yesterday, so I went to bed alone for a second night.

~End of Chapter~


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