Chapter 10: I'm Burning up for your Love

A lot had happened in the last 9 months. Michael and Holly permanently moved in with us, and helped to pay for an upstairs extension for the house. With Holly being the daughter of Vita and Nick Alto, she had brought a lot of money with her. I also found out I was going to have twins so wanted the house to be more family friendly then modern, so I decorated the whole house with a country charm theme. Mick was upset with me selling his huge modern television, but as a special gift I put a home bar in the back garden for Mick to practice on. I also used some money to pay for a big pool as wide as the house to be installed.
Today we were enjoying the back garden, the builders had just finished putting the pool in the day before and we wanted to enjoy it. So Mick and I enjoyed the loungers while Michael and Holly tested the pool. Thomas was also wearing his new swimming trunks and I was going to hold him in the pool later. As I laid there in the lounger I felt my bottom half get wet
“HEY!” I yelled “You two in the water don’t splash me”.
“We didn’t splash you” Holly yelled back.
I looked down and noticed my waters had broke.
I stood up and clutched my stomach.
“Mick, the babies are coming” I screamed.
Mick and Holly freaked out.
“What are you freaking out for? We’ve already been through this” I asked Mick.
“Yeah but that was just one baby not two” Mick screamed.
I was surprised to see that Michael wasn’t panicking at all.
“Don’t worry Charice” He said, “Just get in the car with Mick and go to the hospital, me and Holly will look after Thomas”.
I grabbed Mick’s arm and pulled him towards the house. I made him run into the bedroom and get my maternity bag, I waited for him to come back and grew impatient.
“Hurry up with that maternity bag Mick, I can’t tell the babies to stay in there, they're coming now” I yelled.
He came out the bedroom dressed, I tapped my foot and he ran back in and got my maternity bag. I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to the garage.
We climbed into our new car and Mick drove us to the hospital. I got out my phone and called the hospital to let my midwife know the babies were on their way and me and Mick was near to the hospital. We rushed in and a nurse with a wheelchair was ready and waiting for me. It took a couple of hours of heavy pushing and a badly squeezed hand for Mick before the babies came out, they were two beautiful baby girls. This time we had been prepared and had the names already picked. We all got cleaned up and I got changed out of my swimsuit finally, I was still dressed in it while I was in labour it was very embarrassing.
We got home and Michael, Holly and Thomas were in the front room watching television. Thomas was excited when he saw us walk in with two little babies, I saw scare'd he’d think they were toys and try to play with them.
“See I told you everything would be ok” Holly said looking at Michael.
“What you goot?” Thomas said.
His speaking was improving; he now talked a lot more but had trouble pronouncing some words.
“These are your sisters” I said.
“What? I on’t ave sisers” Thomas said with a grin on his face.
“You do now, this is Rosie and your daddy’s holding Daisy” I said.
Thomas was really excited and wanted to see them, he kissed them on their foreheads and offered them his toy car. Mick laughed and explained to Thomas they were too little to play. I let Michael hold Rosie, and asked to speak to Holly outside.
Earlier in the year Holly had got into partnership with the owner of the East Tradewinds Shipping Co. which was a cover for the criminals of Bridgeport. Holly’s partner wanted to retire, and she begged him to let her ask me before making sale for his shares in the company public within the criminal community. I had told Holly I’d think about it, well now I had thought about it and wanted to tell Holly my answer outside the house away from prying ears,“I have thought about your proposition, about going into partnership with you. I’m going to say yes” I said.
“Really? That’s great, and don’t worry you’ll get your money back quick as well, the criminals in Bridgeport make a hell of a lot more money than the ones back in Sunset Valley” Holly said, excitedly.
We went back inside and waited until Holly had to go to work. I opened the fridge and purposely knocked the bottle of milk out, so it smashed on the floor.
“Holly, can you drop me off at the supermarket on your way to work? We need some milk, and I need to pick up some other stuff as well” I asked.
“Of course” Holly replied. We climbed into her car and Holly drove us to the East Tradewinds Shipping Co.
When we got there, we climbed out the car and went in. I met with Holly’s partner and signed paperwork with him to say I’d take over his shares and I paid him. His shares in the company cost me §15,000, I hoped that Mick wouldn’t notice that much money disappearing. As I was getting ready to leave Vladimir Schlick, a scaring looking vampire, barged in. Holly’s old partner left, and I stayed. Vladimir looked at me suspiciously,
“This is Charice, she has taken over as my partner. Now what did you barge in here for?” Holly said.
“I’m sorry to burden you on your first day Mrs Charice, but I got some bad news, that famous filmmaker Alan Stanley has been poking his nose around, he’s trying to get information from some of the employees and wants to interview them. He’s planning on making a documentary about us, I mean the criminal side of Bridgeport and already has the green light to go ahead with the documentary from the film studio.” Vladimir explained.
“Don’t worry Vlad, Charice will take care of this.” Holly said.
Vladimir left the room and Holly turned to me.
“You need to get as much information as you can on Alan Stanley I want you to befriend him and find out more about this documentary, think of this as your first case. The workforce will be puppies in your hands if you can pull this off” Holly said, “Oh and welcome aboard Charice I’m glad you’re here".
Holly smiled and made a start on her work. I left and went home. I helped Mick get the kids to bed then the whole household went to sleep.
The next day was really quiet, surprisingly with three children in the house, and I had time to start my research. I must have been searching for information on the web for ages because Mick came in to make sure I was ok, Mick had taken a day off work to help with the running of the house.
“Are you ok?” he asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine. You know what, you can find out a lot of what Alan Stanley has done in his past as a director but there is next to nothing on what he’s working on now” I said.
“Why do you want to know about Alan?” Mick asked.
“Some tip at the newspaper says that he’s working on a new documentary and they want me to find out information.” I lied.
“Wow, that’s one lucky tip. Alan only started working on it a couple of weeks ago, and he’s keeping it very hush-hush. If you want to talk to Alan he has been bugging me to go round his for a drink he wants me to do some acting in one of his films, I could introduce you to him if you want?” Mick offered.
“Really? You know Alan Stanley? Oh Mick you’re a wonderful husband. I knew I married you for a reason.” I said standing up and giving him a big hug.
We left the kids in the capable hands of Holly and Michael and got into the car and drove to Alan’s house I was surprised to see it was located near our house and was also hidden away from civilisation. Mick used the intercom and we were buzzed in. We walked up to the door.
“Alan said it’ll be open” Mick said, and we entered the house. We stood there for a minute before Alan came through another door.
“Mick welcome” he said, giving Mick a pat on the back.
“And you must be Charice, Mick’s wife that he never shuts up about, he talks about you so much I feel as if we’ve been friends since childbirth” Alan said shaking my hand then pulling me into a hug.
He wasn’t much older than me or Mick and was definitely not shy.
“Go on down to the bar and make yourselves some drinks, I’ll just finish off what I was doing and come on down” Alan said.
I followed Mick to the bar, it was downstairs in the basement, and it was posh-ly decorated. Mick went behind the bar and made a few drinks.
“You sure know your way around, have you been here before?” I asked.
“Of course, Me and Alan are work buddies.” Mick said.
He passed me a drink and came back round the bar and took a drink for himself.
“Hope you’re not getting drunk without me” Alan called as he came over.
We talked for what seemed hours, and I was a bit boring, Mick and Alan mostly talked business, which was a topic I wasn’t too interested in, especially as there was not one mention of the documentary. After what seemed like a lifetime the alarm on Mick’s phone went off
“Sorry Alan but my shift at works starting in an hour and I better get going.” Mick said.
We walked upstairs with Alan so he could show us out. I wondered what Mick was talking about he had taken the day off. As we got to door Mick tapped me on the shoulder.
“Have you got everything?” he asked me giving a slight wink.
I realised he was making an excuse to leave and let me stay to ask Alan about the documentary. I winked back to let him know I understood.
“I think I’ve left my clutch bag downstairs, don’t worry honey go on without me” I said.
Mick gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.
“You didn’t have a clutch bag, look its ok my girlfriend isn’t back til later we have time for some fun” Alan said.
I felt repulsed at what Alan said did he want an affair with me?
“Why don’t we sit down first” I suggested edging towards the sofa. “Now I’m going to ask you some questions and you’re going to tell me the answers” I said.
“Oh dominatrix, I like” Alan said, sitting down.
“What this about a new documentary you're working on? I here you want to base it on the criminals of Bridgeport?” I asked.
“How did you find out about that documentary it’s confidential? Wait a minute, you don’t want to do the dirty. What are you doing here?” Alan said.
“An associate of mine said you have been asking questions, wanting meetings, did you think we’d just hand over information?” I replied.
“Wait a minute. You mean you’re in on it, you're a criminal, does Mick know?” Alan asked.
“I’m not any criminal” I said, standing up. “I’m one of the heads of the criminal underworld here in Bridgeport, and when you start poking your nose around the head, well, it bites back.”
I walked over to the fireplace there was a small fire burning I picked up an iron poker and started playing with the fire.
“What do you want?” Alan asked, worringly.
“Oh nothing much just your corpse” I replied.
I poked the fire again and a log fell out. The wooden flooring quickly caught fire and Alan rushed over.
“OH MY WATCHER! What are you doing? Please stop, I’ll do whatever you want. Just please let me live” Alan begged.
“I’d love to, but we can’t let any information slip” I replied, putting on the sweetest voice possible.
He looked at me desperate for help, but I pushed him to the floor.
“Anyways a few burns will teach you that adultery is wrong” I said, walking away.
I left through the front doors and quickly locked them behind me. I went home and gave Mick a hug.
“Thank-you. You don’t know how much you’ve saved my job” I said giving him a big kiss.
“Don’t worry about it” Mick said.
We tucked the kids into their beds and went to bed our selves.
I woke up in the middle of the night to find the Mick wasn’t there. I was immediately scared.
“What if he knew I’d murdered Alan” I thought.
I got out of bed and went downstairs. I could her crying coming from the kitchen I went in and saw Mick doing the washing up crying.
“What’s wrong, you never doing the washing up? Are you crying?” I asked.
“I got a call from Emma Starr, she’s Alan’s girlfriend, well was, she got home and the whole mansion was on fire. Alan’s dead.” He said.
He burst into tears and I gave him a comforting hug.
“I don’t understand he was fine and very much alive when I left” I said, which was kind of honest as the flames hadn’t killed him yet when I had left.
I took Mick back to bed and we both fell asleep again.
The next day I woke up and went downstairs to make breakfast. I wanted to make a big breakfast for Mick as I felt really guilty about killing his friend. I entered the kitchen and my phone started to ring.
“Hello?” I asked, answering the phone.
“Hello, my name’s Micca Belli. I work as an agent for celebrities in Bridgeport.” The person said on the other end of the phone.
“I know who you are. Your my husband’s agent.” I said.
“Yes that’s why I wanted to call you before anyone else did, you don’t have an agent do you?” Micca asked.
“No. What would I need one for?” I replied.
“Oh dear, you don’t not your an up an coming celebrity in Bridgeport. You better come round to mine, and discuss business.” Micca said.
Micca gave me her address and I said I’d meet her straight away. I got washed and clothed before heading out. When I arrived Micca was waiting outside and greeted me before inviting me in. I was amazed by her house, it was huge and decorated very well, and it looked amazing. Micca invited me to sit down.
“So why do you insist on being my agent?” I asked.
“Look it’ll look good on my portfolio if I was agent of both husband and wife, and I’m the best in the business, you'll find it harder to find anyone as good or better than me” Micca said.
“I didn’t think I needed an agent, I’m not the one working in movies, Mick is” I said.
“Hahaha. Did you think being his wife and having three children with him wouldn’t make you famous. Mick is classed as a four star celebrity in some of the top news agencies, including The Daily Llama, SM Magazine, and AE Entertainment, so obviously it’s rubbed off onto you. Magazines are calling you a two star celebrity who’s well on her way to becoming a three star celebrity. Paparazzi will be following you and watching your every movement, and I want to help.” Micca said.
Her speech was very convincing and I found myself agreeing with her. I signed some papers and then it was official, Micca Belli was my agent.
“I had a feeling you’d say yes, so took the liberty of booking a fund raiser for you. The children at the local school, Public School 67, want you to present a check for their Llama foundation campaign. It’ll mean a lot to your public image, and think of the children” Micca said.
Micca definitely knew how to be persuasive, I agreed to do the charity gig then gave my farewells before leaving the house.
I got on my bike and rode as fast as I could to the abandoned warehouse, if the paparazzi were going to be following me around there was something I had to sort out. I called Holly and asked her to meet me outside.
“What’s wrong?” Holly asked.
“Look I didn’t realise it but I’m quite the public figure, I have just got an agent and all. Look if I’m going to be your partner I’ll have to be a silent partner. No one must know. If I’m going to be a celebrity I don’t want this getting out.” I said.
“Don’t worry I understand, of course you can be a silent partner” Holly said.
We hugged and I left.
I headed straight over to the school for my charity appearance. I was shocked at how many children looked excited to see me, I could hear them saying my name. Just how did I become a celebrity I found myself asking myself and how long have I been one and what does everyone know about me?

~End of Chapter~


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