Chapter 1: Money, Money, Money!

The next morning, well almost in the afternoon about 11.20am I woke up with a sore back. I had had the most terrible night sleep, the bed was lumpy and cheap and dug into my back at random places. I went outside to get the newspaper, and really hurt my back when I bent down to pick it up. I stretched, clicking my back, and went back inside to put the newspaper on the table.
I decided to raid the fridge and see if there was any food, unfortunately there was only some jam and bread so I made a quick sandwich and went to eat it.
“I’m going to need a job if I want a decent breakfast tomorrow” I thought.
I sat down to eat my sandwich and when I finished I picked up the newspaper and started job searching straight away. I decided against any job in the criminal aspect as I didn’t want to go through all that again, I had a hard time finding a job to suite me. As I was looking one particular job caught my eye, a job in journalism, ever since I was a little girl I had wanted to be an Illustrious Author, and a job in journalism would definitely help me get noticed as a writer and author, but as I looked closely I noticed you were required to have experience with books and needed some experience with writing. As I had been busy with my criminal career I hadn’t had any time to do either. I continued looking and saw a part-time job in the book store, I copied the book store’s address to my phone.
“This’ll get me some experience around books” I thought excitedly. Finally I was on my way to becoming a writer.
I had a quick wash at the sink and got dressed before calling a cab. When the taxi came I gave the driver the address from my phone, and we left. When I got to the book store I was in shock as I looked up, it seemed to go on forever. This definitely put Sunset Valley’s book store to shame. I went inside and found out that a day spa was above the book store which was the reason it was so big. I asked at the desk for the manager as I wanted to apply for the part-time job. The cash courier laughed and introduced herself as the manager. We got off to a great start and she hired me on the spot.
“You can start the day after tomorrow as a Cash Register Specialist at 4pm to 7pm, with a pay of §30 per hour, if you want the job that is.” she told me.
I accepted the offer and she helped me fill out the employee sheet, with my name, address, and contact information. She handed me over a name tag and told me to guard it with my life; I wouldn’t be able to work without it. I left the book store and as my back still hurt I decided to go to the day spa.
When I left the spa it was starting to get dark and I decided to go to a bar to celebrate the start of my new career. When I got to the bar it was just about empty, only a few people where there. I decided to order a drink.
“Having trouble picking something? Do you want me to pick for you?” the bartender asked me.
I blushed and nodded, was it that obvious I had no idea what to get or what any of the drinks were? He poured me a drink, it was bright pink
“Here it matches your clothes” he said.
I looked at him puzzled none of my clothes are pink, and then I remembered I was still wearing Fay’s clothes.
I thanked him and took the drink it was really sweet to taste and made me really dizzy. I was really a light weight when it came to drinking, but I have to admit the drink warmed me up and I felt really good.
I turned to the woman next to me she was quite old
“Am I drunk or seeing doubles?” I asked.
She chuckled “No I’m a twin”
“Oh, erm you don’t mind me asking but where is everyone? This can’t be the whole town can it?” I asked
“Well in the city we have something called ‘Hotspots’ there are many clubs, bars, and discos in the city and every night there are hotspots the places where everyone will go.” She answered.
I listened to her answer carefully and took it all in, I knew this information would be useful to me.
I had another drink then said goodbye to the bartender and the old woman before leaving. This city was definitely different from Sunset Valley, but I was looking forward to spending, my time finding out about the place. I went home and went straight to bed; the alcohol was good but after awhile it just made me super sleepy.


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