Chapter 1: Into a New World

If you were to have asked any sim living in Sunset Valley about that particular night they would have shrugged their shoulders and would have told you how it was just another normal Wednesday night. They’d have told you how they had dinner watched some news on the telly with their family and went to bed to get ready for work or school the next day. Not one sim would have mentioned the man lying on the ground in woods, no one would have told you on top of the hill next to the Cliffside and no one would have told you he was unconscious or left alone or even his name. Not one person would have mentioned him, not because they were mean but because no one knew what had happened that night. 

Now apart from it being a normal evening in Sunset Valley it was a cold one and as the cold winds flowed through the trees and brushed the face of the sleeping sim his eyes opened and he stood up to take in his surroundings. He looked around thoughts jumping into his brain; ‘where am I? how did I get here?Who am I?’

He looked around hoping to see someone or anything that would trigger his memory or remind him of who he was. As he looked he spotted a cabin not far from where he was. At first, he thought, ‘this must be my home’, but as he got closer he noticed the cabin had been abandoned for many years and was faded and rotted. He ventured closer and knocked on the door, there was no answer so he entered. It was dark and he couldn’t see anything feeling on the wall he found a switch and turned on the old flickering light.

He looked around the cabin and noticed very minimal things like a toilet and refrigerator. He also noticed there was no bed but luckily there was a sleeping bag, a moth eaten sleeping bag. He noticed a fireplace in the corner of the room with some logs already in it. ‘Perhaps my luck is beginning to turn’, he thought as he went over and lit the fire, providing some much-needed warmth to the room. He undressed and climbed onto the floor. He wrapped the sleeping bag around him and fell asleep.


The next day the mysterious sim woke up. He tried again to think about who he was or how he got to be in the forest but his mind was just during blanks it was as if all he could see in his mind was darkness. He left the cabin and decided to head into town, ‘out of all the people who live in the town someone must know me’, he figured.

As he walked he tried to think about the last thing he saw but all he could remember was a flash of bright red light. It was as if someone had locked his memories away and wouldn’t let him see them. As he walked he noticed sim standing watching him. She had pale skin and big bright glowing eyes. As he looked something felt awfully familiar and he had a feeling he knew her.

“Hey!” he shouted, “Do I know you?”

The woman turned around and ran away. She was abnormally fast and he tried to run after her. As he rounded the corner she was gone. It was as if she magically disappeared or maybe he had only thought he had seen her and his mind was playing tricks on him, either way she was gone.

He gave a sigh and continued walking, then he spotted it, a house was on fire. He headed towards it un-phased by the flames or the heat they produced. It was like another him took over and without thinking he ran up to the house and barged through the front door.

He had no idea how but he knew exactly what he was doing. He heard a scream coming from upstairs and rushed as fast as he could towards the noise. When he got to the top floor he heard another scream it was defiantly coming from the room at the far left.

He ran over and ran into the door with his shoulder breaking the door open. The woman was cowering in the middle of the room and hadn’t noticed he had entered.

“Take my hand” He shouted over the sound of the flames.
The woman jumped back in shock but did what he said and grabbed the hand he was offering. He picked up the quilt off the bed and wrapped it round them to stop the smoke from entering their lungs and he guided the woman out of the house. When they got to the front door the woman squeezed him and thanked him for saving her life before running over to the awaiting medic. As he walked from the house he noticed a sim in a fire fighters uniform waiting for him.

He approached the firefighter and noticed the name tag ‘Chief’ stitched onto his uniform. “Are you ok?” The chief asked.

“Yeah I’m fine” He replied.

“You’re lucky to have gotten out of their alive. I want you to see the medic, me and my team will extinguish the fire and afterwards I want you to come back to the station with me” The fire fighter demanded.

He did as he was told and saw the medic. It wasn’t long before fire fighters put out the flames and headed back into the fire engine. The medic gave him the all clear and The chief signalled for Him to enter the side door of the fire engine.

He joined the group back to the fire station and followed the chief to his office. The chief sat in a chair at the desk and signalled for him to take a seat opposite, as He sat down he noticed a sign on the desk reading ‘Chief Patrick Blaise’ he also looked around the office seeing the trophies and awards for saving and protecting the town from various fires.

“You know that was very brave what you did back there, you saved that woman’s life” The chief said, “You remind me of a younger self, unafraid and ready to help those in need. We need more sims like that in this place, heck I don’t think that some of the sims in my team have the guts to do what you did today. You’re special I can sense that” The chief continued, “How would you like a job here?”

“A Job?” He asked, he didn’t even know his own name, would a job be a wise move right now?

“Yes, A job” The chief commented, “This is a one-time offer, I don’t make a habit of just asking any random person of the street to join my work force.

He sat there for a moment and thought about the offer then finally answered, “I’ll take the job”

“Great, now what’s your name?” The Chief asked.

“M, m, my name is….” He quickly looked round the room for something that would be ok to use as a name then he spotted the colour of the desk, “My name is Grey…” He looked around the room again for a word to use as a surname and saw a door mat, “…Mat, erm, Matt-hews. I mean my name is Grey Matthews.”

“Well Grey Matthews welcome to the team, you can use the facilities here whenever you want. There are beds upstairs with showers, a t.v. and other recreational activities. I look forward to your first shift” The chief said holding out a hand, Grey took his hand and shook it.

Grey left the room, ‘Grey Matthews?’ He though, somehow it sounded right, but he guessed it wasn’t, ‘what are the chances of that happening?’

Grey headed upstairs to the beds that the chief had mentioned, anything would be better than that sleeping bag again at least until he could buy a bed of his own that is. As Grey headed upstairs he bumped into a female sim leaving a room.

“Excuse me, I’m new could you tell me where the beds are?” Grey asked

“Just in there”, the woman replied pointing to the room she just left, “I’m Jenna by the way, nice to meet you”

“Thanks Jenna, I’m Grey Matthews” replied Grey.

“Wait your that guy that saved that woman’s life today” Jenna said taking in Grey’s appearance.

“Maybe you should take a shower as well to wash off the smoke from the building. They are in a room attached to the bedroom. I hope I get to work with you soon” Jenna smiled at Grey seductively before walking away.

Grey went into the room Jenna pointed out and saw the beds. He saw two doors one marked men’s and one marked woman’s he assumed that’s where the showers where and took Jenna’s advice and decided to have one. As he undressed he thought about the woman in blue that he saw earlier. He climbed into the shower and began to wash. Who was she? Does she know me? And if she does what does she know?


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