Chapter 1: And our survey says...

They entered the room and sat down.
“Welcome, I’m Caspar Blake. I was the lawyer for both of your parents before they died.” Said the fat stumpy man sited behind the desk.
“What’s a lawyer? Is it a type of fish?” Rosie asked.
Daisy rolled her eyes at her sisters comment, sometimes she felt embarrassed being Rosie’s sister.
“A Lawyer is someone who deals with people’s legal stuff” Daisy said speaking slowly so Rosie would understand.
Caspar shut his laptop and opened his drawer, taking out two documents.
“Shall we begin?” He asked.
“Yes please” Thomas said, being the oldest Thomas felt the urge to take control.
“Very well, first I shall read the will of Mr. Mick Temple” Caspar said holding the first document. “This is the last will and testament of Mick Temple. I, Mick leave my bar, Eugi’s to my only son, Thomas Temple. Mixology was my muse I hope the bar will help you find yours. To my daughter Rosie I leave §20,000 Life is hard I hope this gives you a helping hand, and finally to Daisy I leave my collection of books I know you will enjoy them as much as I did. This is the end of the will is there any questions?”.
“Are you sure? What about Lee?” Thomas asked.
“Nope no mention of a Lee in this will. Shall I now read your mothers?” Caspar questioned. Thomas nodded and Caspar continued.
“This is the last will and testament of Charice Temple. I, Charice leave my bike to my daughter Daisy I know how much she loves nature and hope the bike allows her to experience it better. To Rosie I leave §30,000, the world is not an easy place and I know you need all the help you can get. To Lee I leave my collection of books I know one day your find these useful and will help you when you need to find something. As for any properties I own and the family fortune I leave it to my oldest child Thomas, may he be a good heir to my family and live a happy life.” Caspar finished reading the will.
“What? Me? But I...I...I don’t know If” Thomas stumbled on his words he was too shocked to know what to say.
“You don’t want to be heir?” Daisy asked.
“I know I’d rather it be you” Lee said looking up at his brother.
“I thought he already has hair? Mum and Dad left me money do you want me to buy you some hair?” Rosie asked.
“Well ok then I’ll be the heir” Thomas said, knowing his family was behind him made it easier for him to accept.
They said their goodbyes to Caspar Blake and headed back to the Motel.
When they got back Courtney waved over at Thomas. Daisy sensed there was something going on between them so took Rosie and Lee to their room.
“Hi Thomas, how did the funeral go?” Courtney asked.
“It was ok, we got to say a last goodbye and it kind of seemed right dad’s where he belongs, with our mum” Thomas said.
“So what’s going to happen now with your family?” Courtney asked.
“Well I’ve been left in charge of my dad’s bar so I suppose I’m going to have to learn how to run one so we can get money coming in” Thomas said.
“Well if you want you can come to the bar tonight and I can teach you” Courtney offered.
“It’s a date” Thomas said, before releasing exactly what he said. Courtney and Thomas blushed before making excuses to leave and see each other later.
Meanwhile in their room upstairs Daisy was helping Lee with his homework when Rosie made an excuse to go to the bathroom. Daisy decided to follow Rosie to the bathroom she had a suspicion as to why Rosie kept going in there and she was going to find out.
When Daisy walked in she saw to her surprised to see Rosie sitting on the toilet, she had expected to she her doing something else in the bathroom.
“Oh my gosh! I’m sorry” Daisy said before making a quick exit.
She blushed at what she saw and walked away from the bathroom.
After Daisy left Rosie finished using the toilet and went over to the sink.
“That was close” Rosie said to herself.
She took a knife she was hiding out of the cabinet and took of her gloves holding the knife to her wrist she began to cut herself again.
When night-time finally came Thomas headed over to the upstairs bar. Courtney first showed him how to properly clean a glass then asked him to make a drink. She talked him through what he had to do but he accidentally dropped a bottle.
He bent down to clean it up and Courtney came round the back of the bar to help him. Thomas hadn’t realised she’d come to help and when he stood up he accidentally grazed her with his hand. When he stood up he was staring her straight in the eyes. Without thinking he leaned forward and gave her a kiss.
He quickly pulled back but to his surprise Courtney pulled him back and they shared another kiss.
After his shift Thomas headed back to his room and to his surprise someone was sitting on his bed.
“Who the hell are you?” Thomas asked, his heartbeat beginning to race.
“Well if I was you I’d be grateful I don’t normally wait around for guys but my boss asked me to so here I am” The woman said.
“But I don’t understand. Who are you? What are you doing here?” Thomas asked still confused as ever.
The woman stood up and handed Thomas an envelope.
“My name isn’t important but this is” The woman said.
Thomas opened the enveloped it was full of money, Thomas just looked in amazement.
“That’s §100,000. Your mother had a majority share in some underground facilities, and when she died she left those shares to you. My boss wants to buy those shares” The woman informed Thomas.
“What kind of shares? Why would I want to sell them?” Thomas asked.
The woman responded “There is a criminal underworld in Bridgeport and your mother was its boss, so when she died you became the boss of said criminal underworld and my boss would like to give you money and take over the pressure of running it for you”
“So he wants to pay me off, I’m not sure” Thomas said thinking about it, did he really want to be known as the boss of Bridgeport’s criminal underworld.
“Well today is your lucky day, Thomas Temple” the woman said, “because my boss is going to be nice, he said that if you was unsure than he will promise you that if you take the money he will offer free protection for that bar of yours.”
Thomas thought about it then accepted.
“Ok I’ll sell”
The woman was pleased and got Thomas to sign a few contracts.
“Will I ever see you again?” Thomas asked.
“Well that depends are you a bad boy?” the woman said, flirting with Thomas.
She took the contracts and left. Thomas couldn't help but watch her as she left, the whole ordeal was overwhelming.

~End of Chapter~


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