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Chapter 1: Into a New World

If you were to have asked any sim living in Sunset Valley about that particular night they would have shrugged their shoulders and would have told you how it was just another normal Wednesday night. They’d have told you how they had dinner watched some news on the telly with their family and went to bed to get ready for work or school the next day. Not one sim would have mentioned the man lying on the ground in woods, no one would have told you on top of the hill next to the Cliffside and no one would have told you he was unconscious or left alone or even his name. Not one person would have mentioned him, not because they were mean but because no one knew what had happened that night. 

Now apart from it being a normal evening in Sunset Valley it was a cold one and as the cold winds flowed through the trees and brushed the face of the sleeping sim his eyes opened and he stood up to take in his surroundings. He looked around thoughts jumping into his brain; ‘where am I? how did I get…