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Chapter 2: The Job

It was about 8.30am when Melody was awoken by the ringing of her mobile phone. Tired, she pulled herself out of bed and made sure to stretch as her back was aching from the very uncomfortable mattress. Fully stretched Melody pulled her phone out of her pocket and clicked 'answer'.

"Hello" Melody said, as she brought the phone to her ear.
"Wake up Silly Girl, you be late for work" Came the voice of Nana Cookie, her new boss.
"I'm sorry Mrs. Cookie, I'm on my way right now" Melody apologised.
"Me Nana Cookie, Silly Girl. Be quick, be quick" Nana Cookie replied.

Melody decided to have a quick shower before rushing to work. After the long drive and the smelly bedroom, she really needed a nice hot shower, even if it was going to be a short one, but one step into the bathroom made her gag and want to be sick.
"Of course, *cough*, what was I, *cough* expecting, the rest of the house, *cough*, is disgusting too" Melody gagged.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was almost midnight when Melody Barlow drove her blue farmers Hot Rod around a corner and towards Bridgeport.

"Finally" she breathed, when the city came into view.

It had always been Melody's dream to become a celebrity, and Bridgeport would be a great place to be recognised and make her dreams come true. So with the little money her parents had given her she took the plunge and moved to the city.

It hadn't been easy, Bridgeport was a very popular place which meant that the prices where high, even for renting, but Melody lucked out, there had been an ad for a roommate which meant the rent would be cheaper so Melody applied the role of roommate and got it.

While on her way Melody made sure to pass through the centre of the town just so she could past it, the theatre. The place was all she could dream about while growing up, and she knew it would also be her future.

"One Day. One Day Melody." She muttered to herself, as she drove by.

As Melody continued t…

500 Page Views

Ok so... Wow! 500 page views, that's 499 more than I would of expect my blog to get. Thank you to all of you for taking time out of your busy schedules to read my legacy and a special thanks to those who come back and visit more than once and another special thanks to those who also take the time to leave comments. As a kind of thank you gift I have added a downloads page so you can download characters. Again, Thanks :D


Chapter 6: Ashes to Ashes

“Grey. I need to speak to you”

Grey spun around to see the owner of the voice, Patrick, who looked like he was feeling a mixture of annoyance and confusion.
“Sure, what’s wrong?” Grey asked.
“Someone got dropped off here for you, he is in my office now,” Patrick explained, “Well come on then” he continued as he walked from the room.

Patrick led Grey to his office and as he opened the door Grey could what sounded like a baby mumbling. As he looked at the floor he saw a toddler but it wasn’t any toddler it was…
“Adam!” Grey squealed as he picked his boy up in his arms and squeezed him tight.
“Now do you mind telling me what the hell is going on?” Patrick demanded.
“Well… you see… what happened was…” Grey stumbled over what he should tell Patrick. Patrick had taken Grey under his wing and became almost like a father figure to Grey, so he didn’t want to lie but was the truth going to be too much for him to handle?
“All I ask is you to be honest with me, you don’t have to tell me everything but at…