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Chapter 1.4: I am not one of Mick’s 'Simscribers'

("You run fine, gurrrl! You wanna go on a date?")

The last few days have been eventful. After ditching Mick at the club last week I bumped into him at the gym and agreed to go on a date with him. It was more of a pity date than anything, to be honest he seemed to be trying too hard at the gym to impress me and it just wasn’t working. I don’t like meatheads, I’ve dated a few and I’ve just grown to hate people who hit the gym too much. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional gym visit or jog but when it becomes an obsession, I make my leave.


Anyway I digress the film was actually really good. I was surprised that Mick new I loved scary movies I had already seen the first two instalments and let me tell you ‘Night Of The Living Zombies 3: The revenge of the bitten’ was amazing! It had everything I love in a horror movie; gore, blood, suspense and a few comical unrealistic deaths. The only annoying bit was when Mick tried to make a move and put his arm around me with the old yawn and stretch move. I know I used to be attracted to Mick but finding out he was such a gym nut had put me off.

("That was my favourite romantic-comedy so far" "You do realise it was a horror movie?" "What's a horror movie?")

Afterwards we went to the cafĂ© in the cinema and talked. Mick seemed to redeem himself he was an amazing listener. I learnt that his Dad is a famous scientist, and that he has a sister two years younger than him, I even found out that he’d been to SimState University. Impressive. Where was this side of Mick, at the gym this version is a lot more attractive than that meathead I saw before? In fact Mick redeemed himself so much I agreed to another date.

I said my goodbyes and left the cinema and as I was walking away a young boy caught the corner of my eye. He looked very familiar, in fact the blow up bed he was sitting on looked very familiar as well. I decided to investigate.

("... and then I put this bed into my pocket and walked out and then when I took it out of my pocket it was already blown up")

It was Thomas, I think. “Thomas is that you?”

“Miss Charice?”

“Oh Thomas it’s lovely to see you again”, I exclaimed as I sat next to him on the bed.

“It is? Most people don’t care if they don’t see me again. Why are you here?”

“I was on a date. And of course I care. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Most people only like to help me because they want to feel good about themselves. Let ‘the poor helpless homeless boy’ sleep in your home for one night so you can pretend you’ve done your part and get rid of him in the morning. That’s why I stole this stuff as I knew you’d take it away in the morning when you woke up”.

My heart broke again for the boy, “Thomas I never planned to kick you out. It’s been raining today and you’re soaking wet. Let me take you home with me and look after you? I don’t expect any commitment from you but feel free to stay as long as you like”.

("All right, Miss Temple, I'm ready for my closeup.")

Thomas came home with me and I got changed out of my wet clothes. Something felt weird this maternal nature seemed to overwhelm me; I wanted to protect this boy with my life and look after him.

I watched Thomas sitting at my mirror examining his long hair, “Do you want me to give you a haircut?”

About a week later …

("I prefer this haircut so much more")

I gave Thomas a big hug when I was ready to head over to Mick’s apartment, “Now remember I am only next door so if you need anything you just come and get me”

“I know, I know. Just go and enjoy your date”

“It’s not a date! And less sass please.”

I ruffled his hair as I headed out.

I stood outside Mick’s apartment and knocked on the door, no answer. I waited another few minutes and knocked again, still no answer. I looked at my watch, it read 7.32pm, I was two minutes late and there was no answer from Mick. Well, this wasn’t the first time I had to help myself into someone else’s home so I looked around for the obvious and found a spare key underneath a potted plant.

(Is that a margarita on the floor? No fair, where is mine?)

I found Mick asleep on the sofa. Really? He invites me out, tells me to dress up and than he falls asleep on the sofa? This boy, I’m telling you, I don’t know what to think, one minute I think I have feelings for him and the next he just pisses me off.

I sat down on the sofa next to him, “Mick? Mick! MICK!”

Nothing. Then I could smell it, the stench of alcohol in the air. I reached over and slapped him on the back of the head.

He jumped up and walked around the room. He faced me and started to talk his words slury from being drunk, “Wha’s you doing ‘ere? *hick* goes eii-way” (What are you doing here? Go away!)

“Excuse me? You invite me over. Ask me to dress up. Tell me you’re going to take me out on a really nice date. Than you tell me to leave. JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!”

“I-I-I- was fured. Loost my-e job” (I was fired. I lost my job.)

“What? You lost your job? How are you feeling?”

“Like, very icky. I need a nap”

(This bed is so much more comfortable than mine)

I helped Mick to the bathroom where I saw him abuse the toilet in ways I do not wish to ever remember, and than I helped him climb into bed. He fell asleep straight away and than I sat on the bed and watched him sleep. What am I doing? I turned away and tried to figure out what to do. I wasn’t his girlfriend so was not obligated to stay and help but I didn’t know anyone I could call to help. I just knew that I didn’t want to leave him on his own.

I decided to stay the night. Not wanting to leave him alone, I lied on the bed next to him and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up early and raided his wardrobe for something to wear. I than went to the kitchen area and made breakfast. As I was cooking Mick walked in and unbeknown to me at the time was fixated on my butt while he found somewhere to sit.

“Morning”, he said startling me.

“Take a seat I will be over in a minute. Just finishing breakfast”

("These pancakes should be a super-food 'cos they are awesome!")

I gave him a plate of pancakes and sat down to eat.

“I could get used to this”, he said.

“Used to what? Someone cooking you breakfast?”

“Well not that the breakfast isn’t nice but I mean the stunning view that I can see sitting across the table”

I almost chocked on a fork-full of pancake. Was he seriously hitting on me after the rubbish he played last night, “Yeah well, don’t get too comfortable. I don’t plan on making this a habit.”

He chuckled and we continued to eat in silence.

When we were finished I collected our plates and took them to the sink. I heard the chair scrape on the floor as Mick stand up. I assumed he was going to go to the bathroom or bedroom to get dressed, but what he did shocked me. He grabbed me by the arm to turn and face him and than he forced himself on me. Kissing me.


“Erm, I’m sorry. I must have thought wrong.”


Mick nodded and backed away. I pushed past him and headed to the bedroom and grabbed my stuff, not even stopping to get dressed, I just ran from the apartment as quick as I could.

("Those left over cookies on the table look good, shame that they are only decorations and not real")

I got home and threw my stuff on the floor. I sat down as tears began to fall down my cheeks. How could he? He was so forceful, I didn’t know what to do. Moving here and starting a new life had made me soft, six months ago if anyone had tried something like that I would have broken their hand, actually six months ago I wouldn’t of even let myself get into that situation.

I looked down at the coffee table and saw a note scrunched up and abandoned. Intrigued I picked it up and read it. The note was from the time at the poolside club when I received instructions from an anonymous Sim about a job and had first met Thomas. I re-read the note and decided to call the number. If changing my life wasn’t working than I would just go back to what I knew best.

6 months later …

("Ummmm Gurl you so fine you make me stutter, w-w-wh-what's your number?")

As I stared into the mirror, I couldn’t believe how tight and revealing my dress was and my butt, had it somehow gotten bigger?  Well, some men like big butts, maybe my mark would like it. I grabbed my chest and readjusted myself making sure my money-makers were positioned well. ‘Right, let’s do this!’


Author's Note:

Hi Guys + Gals

I hope you have been enjoying the story thus far. So for those of you who have read The Temple Legacy from the Sims 3 will notice that this is where I am deviating from the original storyline.

Now this chapter is a little bit shorter than I wanted I was in the middle of taking screenshots when I updated my pc. In the change half of my CC broke and by the time I had replaced it all and was ready to take pictures than the new update came out a couple of days ago which stops .ts4script files from working so I have had to re-sort my CC again. Let's just say I am not a happy bunny!

Oh well rant over I am planning the next chapter as we speak ... as you read? ... as I type? ... currently? Yes, currently sounds right. I plan on going more in depth in the next chapter, hopefully it will be readable :)

Thanks for reading,


Friday, 2 November 2018

Intermission: 500 Simscribers and growing (Mick’s Story)

**This chapter is written from Mick Situp’s point of view.**

Mick’s Blog, entry #1  |  5th March 2012

(#TeachingMumSelfies, #HelloInternet, #JustAnotherMonday)

Hello Internet.

Here’s my first social media post! My name is Mike Situp and this is my new blog. I’m just teaching my mother how to take a selfie. I decided to start this blog as I wanted to document my life. Something happened today that has changed my life (and not for the better).    :-(

My father, Jamerson Situp… YES! The Jamerson Situp, worlds most famous scientist, announced that my younger sister La-Teesha has been accepted into SimState University. It was big news. Reporters came to the house and asked questions a photo shoot was held with my Dad and sister.

You might be asking me how this affects me? Why is this the worst day in my life EVER! Well my dad decided to make another announcement.

He called me over and in typical dad fashion (not explaining it to me first) my dad announced that I too was going to be going to SimState University on a Bio Chemistry course. Basically the whole thing is just a scam, he only wants me to go so I can chaperone and be at my sister’s beck-and-call. I mean Bio Chemistry? If this was really about me he would have put me on a Computer Science course.

(#GottaBeStrong, #NeverGonnaChangeMe)

I walked off, but not before capturing this life changing moment. Please internet people send me good vides and cheer me up.

Mick Done!

Mick’s Blog, entry #2  |  5th March 2012

(#SiblingLove, #Sister, #SiblingRivalry, #LaTeeshaSmells)

Hello Again!

Ok I wasn’t going to post again so soon but something happened! Oh this is my sister by the way. La-Teesha Situp, she wants to be a rocket scientist. I hope she doesn’t. She’s evil incarnate.

She invited me to come into her room after the press conference only to shove it in my face that she got accepted into university before me and to tell me that she is dad’s favorite child. I mean everyone knows that already!

I’ve stormed off and I’m currently playing some computer games to calm me down. Ok, rant over … for now.


Mick’s Blog, entry #21  |  1st September 2012

(#RockingIt, #Chill, #TryingNewContacts, #DontLikeContacts)

Hi Peeps!

I’m still playing around with how I say hello and goodbye to you all everything just feels awkward. Anyways, I just wanted to show off my new threads! I convinced my mum to take me clothes shopping and get me a new look. If I have to attend university against my will than I want to make sure I have THE true university experience late night frat parties, drinking, kissing girls, and other stuff you do with girls.

Ok, ok. I know that last one is a little weird but I don’t really know what stuff you do with girls. I mean I’ve had the whole ‘Freezerbunny and Llama’ talk but I’ve never actually done it. I understand the mechanics and functionality of it all I just can’t understand how I personally am supposed to do it.

I’ve been told that different girls like different things. How am I supposed to know what to do. I’m so glad I can talk to you guys about this and to know you are all supporting me is great encouragement. I look forward to the next update.


Mick’s Blog, entry #136  |  25th July 2016

(#MovingDay, #Hungry, #SupportingLocalMerchants)
Hey Guys!

Today is moving day! My life at SSU is over! HORRAY! Ok, I know I look silly with my old glasses back on but I couldn’t remember where I packed my contact lenses. Also I’m starving so thought I’d show you this amazing food stand I’m about to buy my first San Myshuno lunch from.

My apartment itself is nice. It overlooks the street which is amazing as I can see everything that goes on here. There are supposed to be markets, romance festivals, cookouts and lots more. The locals here sure know how to be a community and I’m looking forward to my first event here but first I really should finishing unpacking.


Mick’s Blog, entry #137  |  26th July 2016

(#NewApartment, #CityLiving, #UniversityFlunkie)

Hey Guys!

So the best thing happened this morning. My mother stopped by and helped me to finish unpacking, so it is now official. I have officially moved into San Myshuno!

It was really nice my mum stayed and chatted and even ordered us take away. She is the best person I know! She told me she loves me even though I flunked my final test, and basically failed my university course. She knew I didn’t really want to be there and that it was dad who had forced me to go. She even told me they are having trouble in their marriage. I feel sorry for mum but dad is getting what he deserves.

(#NewContacts, #MumVisitsSanMyshuno, #FinishedUnpacking, #MumMakesASelfie, #BestMumEver)

Oh and by the way do you remember my first ever post? I added the picture I took with my mum when I was teaching her how to take a selfie. Well I had that picture printed and framed and my mum saw it when we were unpacking so she decided that this time she would teach me how to take a better selfie. I truly love this woman! Mum you are blessed and the most amazing woman I know! 


Mick’s Blog, entry #452  |  22nd April 2018

(#GymDay, #PumpingMyGuns, #HealthyLiving, #JustJoking)

Hey Guys!

I’m hitting the gym today. I know you guys tell me I’m perfect as I am and I’m so blessed to have such amazing encouraging friends like you all but remember that girl I told you about who moved in next door. Well, we had a date last week and she left me at the club. She told me she left to look after a homeless kid. I’m not sure I believe her. I mean she asked me to bring a blow-up bed over for him but she wouldn’t let me in her apartment so I never saw this kid.

Anyways I’m going to try my hand at boxing try and build some muscles. I’m not a gym head or bodybuilder guy at all so don’t worry about loosing me to the gym. I just want to see if building some muscles will make Charice more attracted to me. I hope it does.

And if I see Charice at the gym, I’m totally going to show her my new amazing bod, and ask her out on another date.


Mick’s Blog, entry #458  |  24th April 2018

(#NightOfTheLivingZombies3, #BFF, #RockingOurHats, #CinemaTime, #FutureWife)

Hey Guys!

Here she is, Charice, the most beautiful girl in the world. Thanks for helping me get mentally prepared for the date we had today. @Scarymoviefanatic_176, I took your advice and took her to the cinema for a scary movie. (Back row of course, I did learn something at University).

I was hoping she’d be more scared so I could save her and hug her and hide her from the scary parts but she seemed to love the movie even laughing at some of the zombie attacks. I did fake yawn and put my arm around her, which she didn’t push away. I feel like I’m really starting to fall for her, I hope she feels the same way.

It was an amazing day. We ended up just sitting in the cinema after the film and just talked and talked for ages. I hate to admit it after only one date (two if you include the date she ditched me on, or three if you include the karaoke night) but I think she’s the one and I want to marry her someday. I know I’m coming on strong but that’s just how I feel, we’ve even agreed to meet late next week I can’t help but feel that this confirms my feelings. Speak to you all later, hope you all have a day as lovely as mine.


Mick’s Blog, entry #483  |  28th April 2018

(#ExcitingDayAtWork, #NewRobotFriend, #MeetWheatly, #MakingPortals)

Hey Guys!

Here is Wheatly, I’m helping to program him at work (The ball just behind my left shoulder). As you all know my dad is Jamerson Situp and my sister is La-Teesha Situp, and in order to have my dad agree to pay my expensive rent I have to work at their Interstellar Rocket Research Lab. Now some of you know I haven’t had the best of luck here but Wheatly is my new best friend, computer science is the best science there is!

It’s much better than my last job of checking the rocket and making sure its working ok. I mean it’s not my fault that I didn’t know the wiring was wring and the rocket hardware fried. I’m a computer scientist not a rocket scientist! Any way my point is I feel like my job is much better now.

I mean I couldn’t even begin to know how I would feel if I ended up being fired from this job now. Sure I used to hate it but now I love it. I mean I really enjoy work now, and it would be a shame to loose my job, especially today, as it is a big night for Charice, and me. I’m taking her to a swanky posh restaurant tonight to ask if she’ll be my girlfriend… But if I was fired I mean would it really affect me?

Would I go home upset or happy? Would I be relieved or take it badly? Turn to drink to replace the sorrow?

And pass out drunk to forget the pain? Wait! Ha! Really, is that where my brain is at today! Sorry for that depressing after thought, I’m sure today is going to be fine. I mean what are the chances of that happening! Speak to you all soon.



Chapter 1.4: I am not one of Mick’s 'Simscribers'

("You run fine, gurrrl! You wanna go on a date?") The last few days have been eventful. After ditching Mick at the club l...